Evaluating Percent Plan Complete

PPC is a litmus test for productivity because the earlier you know about a missed deadline, the better you can plan to manage it.

Written by Touchplan | October 1, 2015

The percent plan complete (PPC) is the number of assignments completed on the day divided by the total number of assignments made for the week. This number shows what subcontractors accomplished in relation to what they promised. You want subcontractors to deliver on their promises, but you don’t want them to only make easy promises.

Percent plan complete is not a report card and 100 percent is not the goal. A higher completion percentage does not necessarily translate to a high-functioning project. Chances are if you do hit 100 percent completion, it is because of a failure to push yourself on dates. Look at this number from a high-level perspective. Get people out of the mindset of hollow promises. No plan will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always keep improving and moving toward perfection.

Lean encourages a continuous refinement of the planning process. It does so by making mistakes visible to everyone using the system and by prioritizing those mistakes that are the biggest impediment to a smooth plan.

PPC is a litmus test for productivity. People will miss their deadlines, but the earlier you know about it the better you can plan for these possibilities. If you punish people, or in any way discourage the delivery of bad news, you will lose this valuable tool for continuously improving your worksite.

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