Last Planner® System Saves Time

Here are some real-life projects that finished ahead of schedule.

Written by Touchplan | May 1, 2016

Construction companies that use the Last Planner® System have completed projects months in advance of scheduled completion date.

By planning in advance you avoid the typical all-out rush at the end of a project. By focusing on the overall goal of the project and not the speed of individual subcontractors, you can finish things faster.

This is best shown through real-life projects that finished ahead of schedule.

ProjectScheduled Completion (Months)Actual Completion
Seattle Children’s Hospital1814
Wisconsin Hospital3836
St. Louis Hospital2624
Toronto Tenant Finish148
University Stadium East Stands108


Suffolk Construction has demonstrated savings in both time and money in two of their recent projects:

  1. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) South Region Middle School #3. The school was completed 2 months ahead of schedule AND saved approximately $1.05 million.
  2. Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Mass Art). After implementing Lean principles, Suffolk was able to cut 2 months off of the original project timeline.

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