Deep Dives

Dive into industry-leading lean expertise to better understand lean construction and how it works in a variety of ways.

Lean Construction Defined and How to Implement It

Lean construction helps increase productivity, efficiency, and quality at lower costs throughout a construction project. With a different approach to…

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Lean Construction Principles and Management

The principles of lean construction require a deliberate practice of managing resources efficiently and effectively. When following the principles of…

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How to Improve Construction Efficiency

As the top construction companies around the world will tell you, the key to construction efficiency is making better decisions…

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Pull Planning Lean Construction Practice vs CPM

Pull Planning is a lean construction practice that helps prioritize project delivery and the method it should follow to ensure…

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Getting Started with Predictive Analytics in Construction

Analytics in construction continues to grow as the digital transformation in the construction industry becomes a priority. The introduction of…

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Construction Technology Description and Education Basics

Construction technology helps augment inefficient and often tedious processes in construction. Any collection of innovative tools – software or machinery…

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Construction Project Management Software

Touchplan is the award-winning construction collaboration tool that helps teams manage construction at every stage. In general, construction management is…

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Information on Construction Planning and Scheduling Software

Construction teams have many moving parts. Construction management software helps plan and schedule tasks to keep projects running smoothly and…

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