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Touchplan is the award-winning construction planning software that helps teams manage construction at every stage. In general, construction management is the control of construction project planning, scheduling, and monitoring. The construction industry requires a specialized project management process because of its unique stages; design, pre-construction, procurement, building, and occupancy.

Construction project management is similar to general construction management. However, each project has the specific goal of controlling resources throughout the entire build. While resource management focuses on the quality, cost, and scope of a project, there are always other things to consider. For example, the type of construction (ex: residential or commercial) and the type of project are essential factors. Because the needs of each project are so varied, total construction project management (more specifically, construction site management) must be in place to be successful. Principles of construction management (and principles of construction project management) include ideation, creating a project plan, initiating the project, and tracking its performance.

Construction project managers demonstrate proper leadership to guide teams and overcome inevitable challenges. They oversee every inch of the construction process and impact everyone who works on the job – from architects in the pre-construction stages to the owners who commission and inhabit the structure after completion. Construction project managers are responsible for coordinating teams, allocating resources, and devising plans to create a safe, on-time, and in-budget project.

Steps to Manage a Construction Project

Successful construction project management hinges on efficiency, communication, collaboration, and transparency. This building construction process flow can turn an ordinary project into an outstanding one. Using a real-time technology framework for project insights allows owners, general contractors, and specialty trades to work together in real-time.

To create a construction management system, develop a project process flow template, organizing steps so you can use and rework it as needed in the future.

Ultimately the construction management process is dictated by the scope, team and organization, and the project management team. Each step needs proper attention for the best results.

Construction Project Management Software

Real-time tools can augment and support the construction project management steps, such as scheduling, tracking the progress, and recording project information for resource allocation. The right platform is critical for planning, analyzing, and evaluating success.

Web-based construction management software is accessible anywhere, anytime. Seek out solutions that can be transferred and used by anyone associated with the project, from specialty trades and general contractors to owners, architects, and engineers. Commercial and residential construction management software has similar features, but larger builds require expanded functionality. Free construction project management software can be helpful but is typically offered for only a limited time.

Construction Project Manager Salary

Construction project manager salaries vary by location, experience, and certifications but understanding construction management software is vital. To grow your career, you need to develop a deep understanding of innovative tools and processes. Get started with resources from the Lean Construction Blog,  The Lean Builder, and the Touchplan blog.

Construction Project Management Courses and Certifications

Touchplan has various resources to gain general knowledge on the software and Lean construction practices. There are several ways you can educate yourself on construction project management, from construction management courses to a construction project management certification.

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