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How Combining Technology Can Help You Lead a Jobsite

by Monica | October 7, 2021

In this webinar on-demand, team members from Touchplan and OpenSpace meet to discuss how using a digital twin of your jobsite and collaborative production planning tool can help you become a more impactful leader.

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Build.Lead.Succeed. Ep. #18 Using Your Strengths to Get What You Want

by Touchplan | June 6, 2022

Host Angela Highland speaks with Organizational & Business Development Manager Kizzy Ferrer from Mills & Nebraska. The two discuss how to get more from your career and clearly define the best path forward to find purpose in your jobs. Kizzy is a well-known facilitator and speaker and an inspiration to many. She has a wealth of insight that you will want to hear.

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Case Study

Enhancing Construction Planning via Technology

by Dave Finnegan | June 3, 2022

Layton, a nationally recognized construction company, wanted to enhance its construction planning by moving to construction planning software. The company was working on a $46 Million, 100,000 SF expansion to a hospital and wanted to move its pull planning and lean processes into a digital space. The team was working with trade partners who were […]

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Voices Of Construction Ep. #16 Looking Out Over Ireland

by Touchplan | May 25, 2022

Noah speaks with Kate Fahey, the youngest crane operator in Ireland (working for BKRN, Ltd.), and the youngest female crane operator in the world. The two discuss her journey to her current position, her background in farming, and her goals for the future. Kate is an inspiration to young women all over the world pursuing careers in construction. This is a fantastic conversation and we hope you enjoy it.

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Today’s Construction Economy Report – Q2 2022

by Dave Finnegan | May 25, 2022

Despite being challenged by constrained construction supply chains, a decrease in skilled labor pools, and inflationary pressures, the construction industry remains upbeat and forecasts are for continued spending increases and job growth.

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Case Study

Helping to Build a New Patient Experience

by Dave Finnegan | May 9, 2022

The First Significant Hospital Expansion In Several Years Touchplan enterprise client Alberici Constructors was hired by Mercy to construct an innovative multispecialty center and 1,000-space parking garage on the campus of Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. The 272,000-square feet, high-tech, five-level outpatient center is designed with the patient experience top of mind. Specialties at the […]

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Voices Of Construction Ep. #15 Managing Construction On A Major College Campus

by Touchplan | April 6, 2022

Noah chats with Jamie MacDonald, Construction Project Manager, Major Capital Projects at Boston College. A Boston College grad herself and a mom of three, Jamie discusses overcoming challenges early in her career to become a leader in the construction industry. She explores working on both the General Contractor and client-side of the industry. She also tells us about some of the fantastic projects she has worked on at Boston College which includes several projects for their Division One athletics programs. Her story is inspirational! Please give it a listen.

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