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How Combining Technology Can Help You Lead a Jobsite

by Monica | October 7, 2021

In this webinar on-demand, team members from Touchplan and OpenSpace meet to discuss how using a digital twin of your jobsite and collaborative production planning tool can help you become a more impactful leader.

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Case Study

Touchplan Creates Value for Semiconductor Clients

by Dave Finnegan | April 26, 2023

During this Case, You Will Learn How Touchplan Allowed AM Technical Solutions to conduct pull plans, allowing for quality time with all stakeholders to sequence day-to-day activities Provides a visual aspect and various colored tickets by role, making it easy to identify critical handoffs and create ties between dependent activities to define the critical path. […]

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Case Study

Touchplan Helps Recover Hours Lost from Manual Planning

by Dave Finnegan | April 6, 2023

During This Case, You Will Learn How Touchplan Allowed Flintco to continue its Lean journey efficiently. Helped Flintco from losing traction on projects despite pain points that arose from the pandemic. Made it easier to report to senior management & clients on all projects. Flintco has been a user of Touchplan since 2020, and an […]

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Upping Your Game Ep. 8 Women In Construction Week_Furthering Lean Knowledge

by Touchplan | March 6, 2023

Guest host Elena Miller (Planning & Control Manager at Daniel O'Connell & Sons) welcomes a panel of amazingly smart and talented women who are actively furthering lean knowledge in their companies and throughout the industry. Elena is joined by Kate Simons from Daniel O'Connell & Sons, Rhonia Moreau from Haley & Aldrich, & and Laurie Da Forno from Smith Group. This group all met through Lean Construction events and have a great discussion on how Lean has impacted their professional growth.

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Case Study

Touchplan Helps Deliver Meticulous Management to Complex Construction

by Dave Finnegan | March 2, 2023

During This Case, You Will Learn How Touchplan Kept the project team aligned via a common digital platform Helped with the challenge of managing non-traditional construction Satisfied Lean planning needs with the ability to add constraints Headquartered in New York City, New Line Structures is a full-service construction management firm that utilizes the latest construction […]

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Voices Of Construction Ep. #22 Empowering Construction Teams

by Touchplan | February 21, 2023

Noah sits down with Dr. Tony-Kenneson-Adams and Dan Shakespeare out of the UK, both working at Project seven consultants, and a really amazing conversation around leadership. Leadership is an important topic these days. We are seeing a seismic change in how people lead in the construction industry, how they support their team members, how they support their colleagues, their subcontractors, and the huge benefits a company can get out of that type of leadership. This is a fantastic conversation with some super intelligent people, who are so passionate about what they do, and that passion comes through in the conversation.

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Case Study

Touchplan Helps Keep Electrical Contractors on Schedule

by Dave Finnegan | February 13, 2023

During This Case, You Will Learn How Touchplan Kept Titan aligned with other trades and the GC despite procurement and schedule slippages. Has helped Titan on projects of all sizes to manage their manpower, and successfully complete projects. Allowed Titan to show GCs currently not using a construction planning software the value of Touchplan’s platform. […]

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