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Today’s Construction Industry Economy – Q2 2021

by Touchplan | June 2, 2021

Damage to non-residential construction from last year’s pandemic shutdown is beginning to reverberate across the industry. Yet the increase in the cost of materials, labor shortages and other setbacks do not seem to be impacting general contractor confidence in recovery.

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Dashboards and Reporting to Align Construction Teams

by Touchplan | April 19, 2021

As today’s construction projects are more fast-paced than ever, Touchplan’s reporting and dashboards enable teams to keep everyone up to speed and aligned on what’s happening, so that they can make informed, timely decisions.

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Client Stories

by Touchplan | April 7, 2021

We sat down with a few of our clients and discussed the ways Touchplan has made their lives, easier, more efficient, and better.

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