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Upping Your Game Ep. #5 There’s Nothing Like Trying By Doing

by Touchplan | February 16, 2022

Host George Hunt chats with Gary Fischer of the Project Production Institute, who provides his perspective on all of the benefits behind PPM, how it compares to traditional project management and what PPM does differently. Some excellent food for thought in this episode. Please give it a listen.

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A New Look at Mobile Planning

by Dave Finnegan | January 20, 2022

Touchplan's upgraded mobile planning capabilities let's construction teams take their project plans anywhere, anytime while working collaboratively with others on site.

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Upping Your Game Ep. #4 FOCCCUS On Your Bottleneck

by Touchplan | January 19, 2022

George sits down with Clarke Ching (aka The Bottleneck Guy). Clarke is an author of several books and an expert in agile and the theory of constraints, and George has invited him to discuss Clarke's book, The Bottleneck Rules. The two discuss the basics behind the theory of constraints, the focus formula; and how to tie it all back to everyday construction work. This discussion provides some great insights that can take your construction project to the next level. Please enjoy!

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Build. Lead. Succeed. Ep. #10 Skills For A Better Future

by Touchplan | January 11, 2022

Host Angela Highland chats with Apryl Armstrong, the founder of Skill4, a non-profit that works with young girls, many of who are about to age out of foster care. Apryl's organization helps these girls identify their talents that can be applied within a construction company. They are educated in the trades but also introduced to other positions in construction such as marketing, finance, and HR. Skill4 also teaches valuable skills that can be applied to independent life.

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Case Study

Taking Technology to Schematic Design

by Dave Finnegan | January 7, 2022

McCarthy Building Companies has been charged with constructing a new 900,000 SF hospital building for the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. When complete, the “California Tower,” as it is currently named, will be 13 floors of new hospital space to include a variety of functions including acuity adaptable patient rooms, imaging, lab […]

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Case Study

Creating a Central Research Space

by Dave Finnegan | December 21, 2021

Building a Project 20 Years in the Making The Boldt Company is building a new research facility for the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) to house all its researchers on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Campus under one roof. The project has been 20 years in the making; when complete, the new […]

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Voices Of Construction Ep. #12 Making The Transition To Technology

by Touchplan | December 16, 2021

Host Noah Baker speaks with Mitch Ersek, Director of Sales & Business Development at TopDeck, Touchplan's newest technology partner. The two discuss Mitch's background working in the construction industry and how he made the transition to technology. Mitch also shares his perspective on the importance of technology in the construction industry.

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