Step Up to Touchplan

For Bosch RefinemySite users, we are offering a dedicated program to ensure fast, reliable migration to the Touchplan platform with the least possible disruption in your planning regimen. The Step Up to Touchplan Program includes the following:

Contract Support

Dedicated contract specialists will work with you to review your current RefinemySite software agreement and offer options, recommendations, and discount incentives for moving forward with Touchplan.

Data Preservation

Our team of technical experts are ready to help you import your current project data into Touchplan and make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • You won’t have to wait while we upload your data, we will get you in Touchplan within the next 15 minutes during working business hours.

Continuous Improvement for Your Lean Processes

  • Touchplan is rooted in the Last Planner System® and its similar look and feel to sticky notes makes Lean implementation and process improvement easy. The patented Active Line makes it easy for teams to move from long-range planning to their look-ahead planning with the move of a mouse. 
  • Your designated Customer Success manager will lead you through our signature Walk-Jog-Run methodology for accelerated technology adoption and Last Planner® implementation, and continuous improvement of data-driven planning routines.
  • Support for your Last Planners: We understand the importance of all project stakeholders staying involved in the planning process. For teams in the field, Touchplan offers unlimited users per project as well as training and on-going support for those users.

On-Going Support

Our dedicated Customer Success team supports clients from pre-construction, through commissioning, to occupancy. 

  • Teams receive a designated Customer Success manager who is there to support you from day one. Once teams are engaged in collaborative planning, Customer Success will teach teams how to use data to continuously improve their planning and proactively ensure usage aligns with planning goals. 
  • Users get access to our Customer Success team in seconds through our easy-to-use live-chat support. Our average response time is 30 seconds or less. 
  • Touchplan Academy offers training courses to all users to learn best practices, how to handle process change and improvement, and how to standardize your planning process across the entire company. We offer courses that cover how to run an effective pull plan, how to have a collaborative weekly meeting, how to enhance your planning process by learning from data, and more.

Easy Implementation

Touchplan offers a wide variety of resources and on-boarding support to make the transition to Touchplan fast and painless. 

  • One-on-one implementation support by a dedicated Customer Success manager. 
  • Live onboarding webinars for all users are available weekly. On-boarding sessions help teams understand their roles, build their confidence in using the platform, and get on-line in less than one day.
  • Users get access to the Touchplan Help Center containing dozens of how-to articles and help videos to quickly understand Touchplan’s features.
  • We can take your CSV From RefinemySite and upload into Touchplan within the hour, so you won’t lose any of your historical data.

About Touchplan

Touchplan is built for complex construction of all sizes and types. With the challenges of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and stubborn inflation, now more than ever, construction teams need to be aligned from the beginning with real-time construction intelligence at scale. Touchplan allows contractors to change their construction process to make it more efficient while getting straightforward, analytical insights into project requirements, conditions, and expectations.

Touchplan has been used on the most projects, by the most users, to optimize the largest construction volume in the industry:

  • $408.8+ bil Construction Cost Optimized
  • 5,590+ Overall Projects
  • 67,000+ Touchplan Users

Touchplan is the leading construction planning platform because we combine deep experience, innovative, easy-to-use technology, and personalized service to ensure the success on each customer’s digital planning journey.

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