Jackie Falla

Under Construction: School’s Off-Season Session is a Barn Burner

by Jackie Falla | July 8, 2022

It can’t be done.  Not in that timeframe, not with the existing supply chain issues, not with that team, building,…

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The Five Minute Fix: Increased Construction Site Safety

by Jackie Falla | May 4, 2022

Load the gang box, lace up the steel-tipped boots, pack the lunch and fill the thermos with hot coffee to…

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Guest Blog Post – The Construction Industry: A Cinderella Story

by Jackie Falla | March 8, 2022

If Disney can turn a century of Princesses being rescued from death, debauchery, and an uncertain future by a Prince…

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Guest Blog Post: The Pitfalls of an Exclusive Industry

by Jackie Falla | October 20, 2021

The last few years we’ve done a lot of talking about Diversity.  We’ve talked our way into an alphabet soup…

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Private Eyes: Construction Safety Isn’t Just About a Week

by Jackie Falla | May 3, 2021

(By Jaqueline A. Falla, Director of Client Services. Elaine Construction Company, Inc.) Springtime’s arrival brings with it longer days, trees abloom,…

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What the World Needs Now: More Women in Construction Please

by Jackie Falla | March 10, 2021

It isn’t hard to answer the question - what opportunities exist for women in the construction industry, I just don’t…

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