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General Contractors

Construction Planning Challenges

Delays are a constant problem in construction–you must meet your deadlines.

Everything Keeps Slipping

  • Labor shortages, material availability, and rework cause your schedule to slip
  • Reliable promises are difficult to come by

Hard to Collaborate

  • Among subcontractors
  • Between subs and material suppliers
  • With other stakeholders – owner and architect

No Project Insights

  • Lack of visibility of problems building on the jobsite
  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure
  • Reliable promises are difficult to come by

Wasted Time… Waiting

  • Jobsite not ready
  • Missed handoffs
  • Rework


100+ Calls by Lunch

  • Taking hours to make dozens of phone calls and texts to coordinate between multiple teams, suppliers, and contractors

Multiple Spreadsheets

  • Hours spent building and communicating
  • Look-Ahead schedules
  • Working in silos to create and adjust specific spreadsheets

Time in the Office

  • Walking back and forth to the trailer to review the plan and make adjustments

5 Reasons for General Contractors to Consider Touchplan


There are five main reasons to consider Touchplan:


BEST Planning and Daily Recovery

Touchplan has collaborative pull planning, with weekly work planning, milestone dates and look-aheads.

Digital Pull Planning

  • Transform your spreadsheets to a collaborative plan
  • ALL stakeholders are involved in the process and updated in real time on everyone’s phone, tablet, or computer
  • Project templates and bulk ticket functions make it easy to plan and re-plan

Master Schedule Alignment

  • Align your master schedule easily
  • View your project plans side by side with your master schedule
  • Ensure that milestones are reached and that the project is moving forward

Look-Ahead Planning

  • Create custom Look-Ahead durations instantly
  • Enable team members to accurately sequence tasks, keeping members aligned, accountable, and project delivery on time

Real-Time Updates

  • Real-time updates for ALL stakeholders are made easier with Touchplan’s mobile interface
  • Easily view tasks, updates, and the overall plan to stay on track in the field

Variance Reasons

  • Track reasons why a task was not completed on time
  • Help you re-plan and proactively adjust on the fly


BEST Project Data and Analytics

Touchplan provides actionable insights to proactively deliver projects faster.

Actionable Insights

  • Review accurate, real-time project metrics down to the field level
  • See problems in advance and make timely decisions to avoid future delays (like Waze for traffic jams, Touchplan is your project GPS)

Dashboard Views

  • View all of your data in a simple, visual dashboard
  • Easily understand project status

Top Performers

  • Track promises made vs. promises fulfilled
  • Easily identify which trades/suppliers need attention

Reliable Promising

  • Calculate a reliable promise date for milestone/project completion
  • More accurate forecasting to keep projects on or ahead of schedule

Time Overrun

  • Track where and how much a project is going over time to identify areas that need attention to prevent budget overruns


MOST Collaborative

Touchplan combines the benefits of pull planning with best-in-class digital collaboration tools – to build better together.

Collaboration Tools

  • Team members can collaboratively edit, view, and develop daily, weekly, and look-ahead plans

Unlimited Users​

  • Easy enough for everyone on site to use
  • No per user fee

Mobile Access Anywhere

  • Users can access Touchplan from anywhere on any device
  • Team members can modify, change, and view project details remotely from the field

Team Participation Tracking

  • Display the participation history of team members
  • Help managers understand performance and to drive improvement



Touchplan’s interface “looks like sticky notes,” and is the easiest planning tool to use.

Intuitive Look and Feel

  • Familiar look and feel to planning on a whiteboard with sticky notes to reduce learning curve

No IT Required

  • If you can use your email, you can use Touchplan


  • Enable team members to access projects from anywhere via the Internet


BEST Customer Service

According to our customers, a dedicated support team is paramount. That is why our Customer Success team remains with you throughout your construction project so your team comes in on time and under budget.

Dedicated Support Team

  • We solve pain points and facilitate onboarding to ensure your team gets full value from Touchplan.

Help Center

  • Transform your spreadsheets to a collaborative plan
  • ALL stakeholders are involved in the process and updated in real-time on everyone’s phone, tablet, or computer
  • Project templates and bulk ticket functions make it easy to plan and re-plan

User Onboarding

  • More than 70 how-to articles on all of Touchplan’s features.
  • Dozens of videos describe detailed and general product features.
  • Ensure you get the most out of the product.

Live Chat

  • In-application live chat response time of only 36 seconds.

Touchplan Academy

  • Touchplan Academy allows customers to take Admin and Basic User courses to get trained up on their Touchplan skills and receive certifications that can be added to a LinkedIn profile.

Before Using Touchplan

We started with a rather detailed Excel program, but the challenge was that it became rather complex to use, and only the person who created it knew all of its inner workings.

- Vice President | Northern California Regional Director, Sundt Construction

After Using Touchplan

Using Touchplan allowed us to identify these issues months ahead of time and adjust our work to keep the project on schedule.

- Corporate Lean Director and Project Director, Alberici