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Specialty Contractors

Construction Planning Challenges

Delays are a constant problem in construction–you must meet your deadlines.

Everything Keeps Slipping

  • Labor shortages, material availability, and rework cause your schedule to slip
  • Reliable promises are difficult to come by

Hard to Collaborate

  • Among subcontractors
  • Between subs and material suppliers
  • With other stakeholders – owner and architect

No Project Insights

  • Lack of visibility of problems building on the jobsite
  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure
  • Reliable promises are difficult to come by

Wasted Time…Waiting

  • Jobsite not ready
  • Missed handoffs
  • Rework


Spend Hours Creating and Managing Complex Spreadsheets

  • Hours are wasted manipulating data and moving headcounts

100+ Phone Calls by Lunch

  • You make dozens of phone calls & texts to coordinate changes between and across multiple projects and GCs

Multiple Revisions Within the Day

  • Walking back and forth to the trailer to review the plan and make adjustments
workers surveying construction site

5 Reasons for Specialty Contractors to Consider Touchplan


There are five main reasons to consider Touchplan:


EASY to Plan and Manage Crew Size

Easily visualize your staffing plan across projects in one view so you can stay on schedule and confidently bid with certainty.

Clear Day-to-Day Plan

  • Easily see the durations for your plan and activities to reduce the learning curve

Swimlane Visualization

Look-Ahead Planning

  • Accurately sequence tasks, keep members aligned, be accountable, and deliver on time

Actionable Insights

  • Review precise, real-time project metrics down to the field level
  • See problems in advance and proactively avoid future delays

Reliable Promising

  • Calculate a reliable promise date for milestone/project completion
  • Projects can stay on or ahead of schedule with accurate forecasting


EASY to Plan and Tweak on the Fly

Rely on a standardized platform with real-time updates and detailed variance reasons to identify bottlenecks, manage expectations, and keep projects on schedule.

Digital Planning

  • Simultaneously plan multiple projects in one platform and transform spreadsheets into a collaborative plan that updates instantly on any device
  • Clear view of the project makes it easy to plan and tweak

Material Tracking

  • Easily see what the demand for materials will be and proactively plan what’s needed
  • Team will instantly see changes so orders can be adjusted accordingly

Real-Time Updates

  • Easily view tasks, updates, and the overall plan to stay on track in the field
  • Insight into where crew members are so foremen can plan and tweak as needed

Variance Reasons and PPC Tracking

  • Track reasons for how or when a job can be completed based on the GCs schedule
  • Track commitments that are compiled through the PPC Dashboard to help improve on the fly to better manage expectations


EASY to Manage Daily Scope and Workforce

Access actionable insights to analyze and adjust where teams are ahead or behind on planning versus what is really happening on site.

Live Crew Size View

Staffing Profile

  • Understand labor needs across all active projects
  • Proactively reallocate crews according to your needs

Gantt Chart Report

  • Holistic view of the project or plan
  • View metrics across the duration of a specific task, crew size, planned dates, actual finish dates, and specific roles by day, week, or month

Dashboard Views

  • Visualize multiple projects and jobsite locations for the daily plan
  • Download additional reports such as weekly work planning to see who’s on site, crew sizes, and more
  • View all of your data in a simple visual dashboard to understand where your project is and where it needs help

Quantity Tracking Dashboard

Time Overrun

  • Track where and how much a project is going over time to identify areas that need attention to prevent budget overruns
Specialty Contractor Why to Buy: Live Crew Size


EASY to Collaborate and Communicate in Real Time

Digital collaboration features enable teams to stay up to date, adjust the game plan as a team, and build better together.


Collaboration Features

Unlimited Users

  • One license includes all users
  • Everyone can adopt and use, from the office all the way to the field level

Mobile Access Anywhere


EASY to Access Best Customer Service

According to our customers, a dedicated support team is paramount. That is why our Customer Success team remains with you throughout your construction project so your team comes in on-time and under budget.

Dedicated Support Team

  • We solve pain points and facilitate onboarding to ensure your team gets full value from Touchplan.

Help Center

  • More than 70 how-to articles on all of Touchplan’s features.
  • Dozens of videos describe detailed and general product features.
  • Ensure you get the most out of the product.

User Onboarding

  • Live weekly onboarding webinars for Admin & Basic Users. Our onboarding is not just focused on product training; we take a consultative approach to help you set up your planning process for success.

Live Chat

  • In application live chat response time of only 36 seconds.

Touchplan Academy

  • Touchplan Academy allows customers to take Admin and Basic User courses to get trained up on their Touchplan skills and receive certifications that can be added to a LinkedIn profile.

A lot of hours had been wasted in simply manipulating the plan data, and eventually the plan data gets so out of date you simply end up in a reactionary state.

Project Executive, Apollo Mechanical Contractors

Before Using Touchplan

  • No efficient process to help schedule projects
  • Difficult to manage the data and appropriately execute
  • Hours spent manipulating data
  • Hard to track materials and adjust when issues arise

After Using Touchplan

  • Ability to see duration of a project from the start to end date
  • Can manage multiple areas of a project from one digital interface
  • Substantial time saved updating the plan throughout the project
  • Can diagnose problems in real-time and adjust timely and accordingly

With Touchplan, I can group our people by crews with a foreman at the lead and point and click. Its visual appeal and ease of use made it an easy decision to go with Touchplan.

Project Manager, The DEMO Company