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Voices Of Construction Ep. #27 Set A Clear Career Path And Work Backward

Host Noah Baker chats with Selasie Buatsi, P.E., PMP, Sr. Project Manager for Bond Civil Utility and Construction. The two discuss Selasie's passion for and experience in construction that began working with her Dad in her home country of Ghana; and now managing some of the largest utility projects in New York City.

Voices Of Construction Ep. #26 The Unsung Heroes In Construction Technology

Noah Baker chats with Brian Giamo, the co-founder and CEO of Activate, a fully integrated operating system for construction equipment owners, dealers, and rental companies to use and maximize equipment uptime, performance, and productivity. The two had a fantastic conversation about how there are many unsung technology heroes in this ecosystem of the industry. They also covered topics like the struggles of tech adoption, the single source of truth, and the single pane of glass many are trying to achieve regarding data and insights into construction projects. Enjoy this conversation with a passionate construction tech CEO.

Voices Of Construction Ep. #25 Be Passionate Be Curious & Be Yourself

Host Noah Baker chats with Dr. Nakisa (Niki) Alborz, LEED AP BDC, PMP, Technology, Learning & Innovation Manager for Bond Civil Utility Construction. The two discuss Niki’s experience as both a professor and a construction professional; as well as the benefits of collaboration, education, and all the way to Virtual Reality and its impact on the industry. Lots of great info in this episode so please tune in.

Voices Of Construction Ep. #24 Be A Person Of Your Word...Thoughts for Construction & Spartan Racing

Noah sits down with Mark Bedard a project manager with Daniel O'Connell & Sons Construction. Mark is a phenomenal leader who believes in the importance of social awareness and people interaction. In addition to that he is a world-class Spartan racer and shares how is competition experience translates to leading complex construction projects and mentoring future leaders.

Build.Lead.Succeed. Ep.#21 Passive Recruiting

Host Kathryn Tinnesz (construction professional,NAWIC member and owner host & producer of Space to Build) sits down with fellow NAWIC member Katie Masterson, Human Resources Generalist at Talent Corps., a Texas-based staffing agency that focuses on building the construction workforce. The two discuss the ins and outs of the recruiting process, especially within the context of using LinkedIn. Some great takeaways in this episode so please tune in.

Voices Of Construction Ep. #23 New Opportunity Same Objective

Host Noah Baker sits down with Sarah Tenpas of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing & Community Development. The two discuss Sarah's background in the general contracting world and now the "owner" world and the similarities and differences between the two. This is an invaluable conversation for anyone working in construction and dealing with the relationships between contractors and owners and Sarah offers some fantastic insight into how to navigate those relationships.

Build.Lead.Succeed. Ep#20 Meet NAWIC President Lauline Mitchell

Host Angela Highland sits down with NAWIC National President Lauline Mitchell, ESP. In addition to being the 2022-2023 NAWIC President, Lauline is the Director of PreConstruction atBBI Construction in Oakland, California. Lauline discusses her vision for women in construction, leadership and the power of NAWIC on women's lives and careers. This is a great conversation that you do not want to miss.

Upping Your Game Ep. #10 The Personal Impact Of Your Choices

In honor of Construction Safety Week, we have a special episode of Upping Your Game. Guest host Melanie Gilbertson, Director of Production Support at Flintco, is joined by her colleagues Steve Jordan and Shayne Harris for a conversation about safety and its importance at Flintco and throughout the industry—the three touch upon various safety topics and why safety has to be personal and relevant industry-wide. Shayne and Steve are recognized as safety innovators and also participated in a video called The Shortcut that shares Shayne and his family’s story of survival after a jobsite incident during his electrician days. This meaningful discussion will have you look at safety in a whole new light.

Upping Your Game Ep. #9 Pursuing Certainty

We have a special episode for you today hosted by former Touchplanner Dave Frankel, who is currently with Trimble, managing partnerships and alliances for their SketchUp team. This episode was recorded in late 2022, and Dave was joined by Kevin Gausch, Customer Engagement Executive from Safety Culture. The two dive into the topic of certainty in construction and some of the areas in which that can be achieved.

Upping Your Game Ep. 8 Women In Construction Week_Furthering Lean Knowledge

Guest host Elena Miller (Planning & Control Manager at Daniel O'Connell & Sons) welcomes a panel of amazingly smart and talented women who are actively furthering lean knowledge in their companies and throughout the industry. Elena is joined by Kate Simons from Daniel O'Connell & Sons, Rhonia Moreau from Haley & Aldrich, & and Laurie Da Forno from Smith Group. This group all met through Lean Construction events and have a great discussion on how Lean has impacted their professional growth.

Voices Of Construction Ep. #22 Empowering Construction Teams

Noah sits down with Dr. Tony-Kenneson-Adams and Dan Shakespeare out of the UK, both working at Project seven consultants, and a really amazing conversation around leadership. Leadership is an important topic these days. We are seeing a seismic change in how people lead in the construction industry, how they support their team members, how they support their colleagues, their subcontractors, and the huge benefits a company can get out of that type of leadership. This is a fantastic conversation with some super intelligent people, who are so passionate about what they do, and that passion comes through in the conversation.

Upping Your Game Ep. #7 LCI Congress - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Melanie Gilbertson, Director of Production Support at Flintco, takes the mic as guest host for this episode. She is joined by her colleague Heather Ormonde and Elena Miller from Daniel O'Connell & Sons, and the three discuss this year's LCI Congress and reflect on past Congress events.