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Revolutionizing Construction Planning with Touchplan's Innovative API

Touchplan’s Application Programming Interface (API) unlocks the full potential of your projects. Whether you’re seeking to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, or integrate project data seamlessly across your systems, Touchplan’s API empowers you to do just that and more.

What is Touchplan's API?

Touchplan’s API is a RESTful interface designed to empower users to retrieve and manipulate project data outside of the Touchplan platform. It serves as a bridge between your projects and external applications, allowing for seamless data integration and manipulation. Key capabilities include:

  • Retrieve and Manipulate Project Data: Touchplan’s open API allows seamless integration with various software and systems, enabling effortless data exchange and synchronization. Whether you’re using project management software, ERP systems, or custom solutions, Touchplan’s API ensures smooth interoperability.
  • Custom Workflows: Leverage Touchplan data to create workflows tailored to your company’s unique requirements. By incorporating Touchplan data into your workflows, you can add context to your project data and enhance the efficiency of your operations and planning processes.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate Touchplan data with custom-made solutions or other industry platforms. Whether you’re utilizing proprietary software or industry-standard applications, Touchplan’s API ensures smooth data interchange.
  • Update Project Data: Receive and update information about your projects, plans, swimlanes, and tickets through the Touchplan API. Touchplan’s API can aggregate data from all your systems for comprehensive visibility and control.
  • Versioning Support: Touchplan’s API offers support for multiple versions, ensuring that critical project data is always accessible.

How is Touchplan's API Used?

Utilizing Touchplan’s API is straightforward. Access our comprehensive public API documentation here to get started. Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate Touchplan into your existing systems or a CTO looking to enhance data-driven decision-making, our documentation provides the resources you need.

Enable project solution integration, foster customized workflows, and get full ownership and control over project data with Touchplan’s innovative API.