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Advanced Manufacturing

Touchplan’s collaborative planning platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface, detailed analytics, and outstanding customer support. More than 120 owners, general contractors, and specialty trades use Touchplan to build state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Planning For Technologically Advanced Facilities

The need for new advanced manufacturing facilities is growing. Factors driving this include increasing consumer demand for technologically advanced products, industry demand for more powerful equipment and components, social pressure for manufacturing companies to reduce their waste and energy consumption, increased federal investments via the US CHIPS and Science Act, and commercial investment in the public and private markets.

Meeting these needs requires complex infrastructure and construction brings many challenges, including:

  • Fostering trust and collaboration among all stakeholders: This includes owners, architects, engineers, General Contractors, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing subcontractors, local governments, and various specialized consultants.

  • Complex Coordination of Multiple Trades: Advanced manufacturing facility construction often requires the orchestration of large trade crews who install complex infrastructure and specialized equipment. This can lead to “trade stacking,” resulting in scheduling conflicts, lost productivity, and increased safety risks.

  • Managing Complex Sequencing and Phasing: Advanced manufacturing facilities often require intricate sequencing and phasing of construction activities to install specialized equipment and ensure operational continuity. Traditional construction planning needs help to handle the complexity of these sequences, which can lead to delays.

  • Regulatory Challenges: Advanced Manufacturing projects require environmental permitting, including permits to remove and dispose of hazardous waste. Securing these permits without meticulous planning and coordination can significantly impact the project schedule.

The Standard for Advanced Manufacturing Construction

The Touchplan patented construction planning platform helps project teams efficiently address advanced manufacturing facilities’ unique design and construction challenges. Accessing the Touchplan platform anywhere and at any time helps construction teams begin their planning early and establish a standard process that makes it easier to manage aggressive construction schedules, project consultants working remotely, cost challenges, and other quality control issues.

Touchplan helps us maintain project timelines by bringing all parties together in one environment to stay aligned on the construction plan. The platform lets us quickly identify key issues and make real-time adjustments.

- Chief Business Officer, AM Technical Solutions

Touchplan allows advanced manufacturing construction teams to:

  • Streamline trade management and maximize crew planning by providing a centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate digitally. This will enhance trade coordination, reduce delays, and ensure smooth handoffs throughout construction.
  • Plan for material and equipment delivery and removal directly within daily production plans, ensuring activities flow with the available resources and preventing unnecessary work stoppages. 
  • Visualize and optimize complex sequencing via detailed analytical data within the platform. Construction teams identify conflicts within the Touchplan platform and make adjustments to minimize schedule disruptions, a significant advantage for advanced manufacturing facilities.
  • Coordinate modular design, prefabrication, and production management on one platform. Touchplan’s accessibility anytime, anywhere proves invaluable, especially for projects where pre-construction activities extend over several years across multinational teams.
  • Mitigate schedule slippage by incorporating environmental permitting milestones into the project timeline, ensuring timely submission and approval processes.
  • Create top-to-bottom alignment of project data for visibility into trends, KPIs, and roadblock analytics across all advanced manufacturing projects.

Learn how AM Technical Solutions utilizes the Last Planner System combined with Touchplan to support high-tech construction projects.

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