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Our videos provide lots of great content that prepares, informs and educates you on Touchplan best practices; along with updates on our projects around the world.

Long-Range Planning Maps Project Expectations Efficiently

Before the work begins, Touchplan’s virtual planning wall allows you to efficiently capture a full picture of the expectations of the project.

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Look-Ahead Planning Aligns and Provides Accountability

As projects progress and plans change, Look-Ahead planning keeps all team members aligned, accountable and able to deliver on time as expected.

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Ease of Use to Improve Construction Process Efficiency

We believe that learning from data is the key to making a construction process more efficient -- and it all starts with an intuitive, easy to use platform built with trades to owners in mind.

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Real-Time Project Insights

Owners and construction executives now have the ability to review accurate, real time project metrics all the way down to the field level, enabling them to proactively manage scheduling risks on a single project or across an entire portfolio.

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Client Stories

We sat down with a few of our clients and discussed the ways Touchplan has made their lives, easier, more efficient, and better.

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Reporting to Align Teams

As today’s construction projects are more fast-paced than ever, Toucplan’s Reporting enables teams to keep everyone up to speed and aligned on what’s happening, so that they can make informed, timely decisions.

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Custom Fields for Workflow Efficiency

Project teams are now able to complete more of their supporting processes in Touchplan, bringing a centralized focus and a more efficient workflow.

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Custom Fields Improve Estimates with Data

Teams now have the ability to take actual project data, use it to improve their estimates, and start future work off on the right foot.

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Custom Fields Allows for Supply Chain and Material Tracking

Teams can now use Touchplan to include materials in their planning, ensuring that supply can match the ebb and flow of the jobsite needs.

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How Custom Fields Maintain Flow On Site

As an inconsistent workflow can wreak havoc on our schedules, Touchplan makes it easy for teams to plan for and maintain flow throughout a project.

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Client Stories: Touchplan’s Customer Success Team Makes the Most of Your Experience

Hear from our clients on how our Customer Success Team helps them make the most of their experience with Touchplan.

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Client Stories: Touchplan is Improving Lives of People Working On Site

Hear from our clients as they discuss how utilizing Touchplans improves the lives of people working on-site, creating more of a work/life balance.

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