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Data Centers

The Standard for Data Center Construction

Used by more than a third of the largest owners and more than half of the largest contractors building the largest data centers in the world, Touchplan is the number one platform for data center construction planning. Over 160 data center construction projects use the Touchplan software.

The growth of AI, cloud computing, work-from-home, and digital business transformation drives unprecedented demand for data center construction. With the average build time per site now 12 months or less and the total U.S. planned square footage growing at 350,000 square feet per month, construction planning software has become one of the most important tools on the jobsite.


Build time less than a year


Power and cooling for thousands of megawatts


Millions of square feet per year

Streamlining Data Center Construction

Constructing the data center shell, which resembles a large warehouse, is simple enough. But, the design and fit-out for the required power, cooling, fire prevention, security, and other essential systems are exceedingly complex. Even a short commissioning delay can cost owners millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Challenges data center construction projects face include:

  • Complex Coordination of Trades: Data center construction involves numerous trades and specialized systems such as electrical, HVAC, and networking. Coordinating these trades efficiently is crucial to avoid delays and conflicts.
  • Tight Timelines and Sequencing: Data center projects have tight timelines due to the critical nature of the facilities under construction.
  • Resource Allocation and Management: Data center construction requires careful management of resources such as manpower, equipment, and materials. Construction planning software can help optimize resource allocation by providing real-time visibility into resource availability and utilization.

The Standard for Data Center Construction

Touchplan lets construction teams work seamlessly through the process to assure success on data center projects and every large, complex construction type.

Touchplan is powerful and easy to use

Crew Planning and Visualization

Real-Time Updates

Owner-Contractor Collaboration

The number one planning choice for all project stakeholders


  • Most construction planning software is built only for contractors. Touchplan gives owners a shared, real-time view of project status and analytics.

General Contractors

  • Touchplan’s patented pull planning, intuitive user interface, real-time visualization, and rich analytics gives GCs everything they need to stay on track and fix project problems fast.

Specialty Contractors

  • Touchplan ensures smooth scheduling and detailed work tracking, improved safety, and reduced rework for trade subcontractors.

Touchplan allows companies working on complex data center projects to:

  • Provide a collaborative platform where all stakeholders can input their schedules and dependencies, allowing for better coordination and integration of activities. It helps identify potential clashes early on and enables proactive resolution, reducing rework, and project delays.
  • Optimize construction sequencing to ensure that critical tasks are completed in the correct order, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. It allows project managers to visualize the entire construction process, identify bottlenecks, and adjust schedules accordingly to meet deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Track resource usage, identify potential shortages or overages, and make informed decisions to allocate resources efficiently throughout the project lifecycle. This optimization can lead to cost savings and improved project performance.

Learn how Touchplan is being used for planning and managing the construction of a 2.5M square foot, 360 megawatt, six building megaproject.

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