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Patented Planning

Touchplan's innovative solution for digitizing Lean planning: the Active Line

Revolutionizing the way teams plan and execute projects, Touchplan’s patented Active Line technology streamlines your workflow, making the transition from long-range pull plans to look-ahead plans smoother than ever before.

What is Touchplan’s Active Line?

  • Seamless Transition:  Touchplan’s patented planning feature enables your team to effortlessly shift from a long-range pull plan to a dynamic look-ahead plan.


  • Effortless Conversion: With the Active Line, there’s no need to manually extract or copy data between different plan views. Touchplan’s Functionality allows for a seamless conversion between pull plans and look-ahead plans.


  • Enhanced Accountability: Gain insights into task completion and accountability. Understand why certain tasks are delayed, empowering you to adapt and re-plan quickly and flexibly.

How to Use Touchplan’s Active Line:

  • Convert with Ease: Simply move the Active Line over tickets within the pull plan to instantly convert them into actionable items within the look-ahead plan.
  • Expanding the Scheduling Area: Users can single-click the Active Line and use arrows and dates to select a new date on the calendar, thereby adding more dates or weeks within the plan view. 
  • Activating Tickets from Pull Plan to Look-Ahead Schedule:  Users can click and drag the Active Line over sequenced work. This action divides the plan view into two areas: one for general sequencing (Pull Plans) and one for detailed scheduling (Look-Ahead Schedule).  
  • Examine the Detailed Plan: Once activated, users can add tickets to the right-hand side to create a high-level sequence of work, then drag the Active Line over the tickets to show a detailed plan.

Experience the efficiency and flexibility of Touchplan’s Active Line technology and revolutionize your approach to project planning and execution.