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Touchplan’s patented construction planning platform delivers enhanced transparency amongst all project teams, improving the overall operations of an academic construction project. Over 270 academic projects use the Touchplan collaborative platform to build academic facilities.

Plan for Cutting Edge-Student Facilities

Visit any college or secondary school campus, and you will likely find construction teams at work. Academic campuses want to constantly evolve due to factors like increasing enrollment and educational programs, improving aging and outdated facilities, keeping pace with technology’s demands, and offering students the best amenities and campus life experience.

aerial view of construction site of multiple buildings

Specific challenges facing academic construction projects include:

  • Managing Stakeholder Involvement: It’s imperative to address the concerns of residents, students, faculty, and alumni regarding the project’s impact on aesthetics and functionality. Balancing the needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders while staying on schedule requires enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Addressing Demands of Aggressive Construction Schedules: A sizable amount of academic construction (especially renovation work) happens while students are on break. Traditionally known as “Summer Slammers,” this work begins as students head home and must finish before they return for the fall semester. These projects require strict adherence to aggressive construction schedules, and project teams must be meticulously organized. 
  • Effective Budget Management: Budget overruns are common in construction projects, and academic facilities are no exception. Tight budgets, unexpected expenses, and changes in project scope can all contribute to cost overruns.

The Standard for Education Construction Planning

Touchplan’s patented construction planning platform creates a standardized digital planning process that enhances collaboration among the project team and all stakeholders, provides a precise digital path for the team to follow to meet stringent deadlines, and improves the overall operations of an academic construction project.

A common struggle in large-scale academic projects is the transition between trades and planning adequate workforce. Using Touchplan for construction scheduling lets our team replace massive, complex spreadsheets with a user-friendly dashboard. Trades use the platform to set their milestones for weekly work plans. This way, we have both field superintendents and subcontractors communicating, thinking analytically, and planning ahead together.

- Vice President | Northern California Regional Director, Sundt Construction

More specifically

Touchplan allows academic construction teams to:

  • Keep all project stakeholders informed via a digital platform and detailed analytics that informs owners, contractors, and trades. The result is better PPC tracking and regular reporting.
  • Enhance communication between superintendents and specialty trades to keep projects on aggressive timetables on schedule to finish before the start of the next semester.
  • Mitigate budget risks by providing a platform that reduces project planning delays by 50% and rework by 20%, two of the most common contributors to budget overrun. 
  • Planning in Touchplan enables better financial oversight, ensuring academic construction projects finish within budget.
  • Create top-to-bottom alignment of project data for visibility into trends, KPIs, and roadblock analytics across all education projects.

Learn how Sundt Construction uses the Touchplan patented planning software platform to digitize its Lean planning processes to track its progress better and complete a six-building residence hall construction in time for the start of the fall semester.

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