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The Standard for Healthcare Construction Planning

Owners, contractors, and specialty trades use the Touchplan collaborative planning platform to safely build more than 560 hospital and healthcare facilities on time and within budget.

Planning for Life Saving Facilities

An aging and growing population, advancements in medical technology and healthcare practices, and the emergence of new diseases are just some factors driving the construction of new hospitals and healthcare properties.

Managing large-scale healthcare facility construction projects brings unique challenges that demand meticulous planning and execution. With stringent regulatory requirements and intricate stakeholder coordination, the complexity of these projects is unparalleled.

Challenges academic construction projects face include:

  • Coordination of Complex Systems: Healthcare facilities involve intricate systems such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), medical gas, plumbing, and electrical systems. Coordinating the installation of these systems is crucial to ensure they work efficiently and meet regulatory standards. 
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation: Building healthcare facilities requires adherence to numerous regulations and standards set by healthcare authorities and regulatory bodies. Ensuring compliance with these regulations throughout construction is essential to avoid costly delays and rework.
  • Optimizing Workflow for Specialized Spaces: Hospitals contain various specialized spaces, such as operating rooms, patient rooms, and diagnostic areas, each with unique requirements and workflows to avoid disrupting day-to-day operations.

The Standard for Healthcare Construction Planning

Touchplan’s collaborative planning platform helps create a standardized planning process that allows construction teams to navigate the delicate process of working in hospital buildings and around a healthcare campus.

Managing all of our construction activities within Touchplan made it easy to see upcoming work activities that could pose an issue related to the hospital’s operations, such as needing to shut down certain areas. Identifying these challenges early within weekly planning meetings using Touchplan allowed us ample time to coordinate with the hospital promptly and avoid costly delays. Planning six and seven weeks out via Touchplan’s look-ahead planning gives us the time to coordinate with the hospital and ensure everyone is comfortable with the work ahead.

- Project Manager, The BOLDT Company

More specifically, Touchplan allows healthcare construction teams to:

  • Schedule the installation of complex building systems, ensuring they follow the correct sequence and are integrated seamlessly into the building.
  • Track and manage documentation related to regulatory compliance, ensuring that necessary permits, inspections, and certifications are obtained on time.
  • Visualize and optimize workflows for specialized spaces, allowing project teams to identify potential bottlenecks and make adjustments to streamline the construction process.
  • Create top-to-bottom alignment of project data for visibility into trends, KPIs, and roadblock analytics across all healthcare projects.

Learn how The BOLDT Company uses Touchplan’s construction planning software platform to build a new hospital facility with an emergency department and trauma center, transport, and retail pharmacy services at Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee campus.

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