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MOCA expands construction planning software platform

Management Analytics is designed to collect planning data from construction and integrate it into a real-time repository.

Touchplan Management Analytics

Management Analytics significantly expands the analytics capabilities in Touchplan’s popular real-time construction planning software platform, which is used in many data center construction projects. Management Analytics collects a vast volume of detailed planning data from all active projects, creating a single, integrated, real-time knowledge base to provide the analytical information and visualizations all project stakeholders need. The cloud-based software allows all stakeholders to anticipate, view, collaborate, and quickly act upon critical construction schedule, labor, and cost issues for one, some, or all projects. It delivers insights appropriate for executives, managers, and superintendents. It enables data-driven collaborative decisioning through three critical views: Project Analytics, Portfolio Analytics, and Company Analytics.

Why your master schedule needs true alignment with your execution plan

The job site is an orchestra of labor, equipment and material driving towards a predetermined end state. Do things always go as expected? Absolutely not. How much does an hour of delay cost the job and eat into the bottom line? What is the root cause of things inevitably not going as planned?

MOCA Systems partners with Polish firm to revolutionize EU construction industry

In an ambitious move to spearhead digital transformation within the construction industry, MOCA Systems, Inc. announces a strategic alliance with Polish consultant Ceeconev to deploy the innovative Touchplan software across the European Union.

Digitizing the last mile of data center construction

A whiteboard in a data center construction trailer is covered with colorful, neatly arranged sticky notes, each showing a critical element of the project plan. The door opens, and an invasive wind gust sends one not-so-sticky note fluttering to the floor unnoticed. Picked up by a departing worker’s boot heel, the project detail is lost to muddy ground outside.

Adaptive Reuse: 5 Strategies for A Successful Data Center Conversion

Adaptive reuse projects are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five tips to ensure your data center conversion project gets off to a flying start.

Mission to Poland: Companies from NH, Mass., forge commerce connections during trade trip

A recent trade visit to Poland revealed promising business opportunities for companies in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.Approximately 30 individuals embarked to Gdansk, Poland, in late September to learn about the business environment and economy in Pomerania, identified by the Milken Institute as one of Europe’s fastest-growing regions.

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