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Memorial Day: A Time to Celebrate; A Time to Remember

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Read some thoughts on the importance of today from our team.

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start to Summer. We await this weekend to welcome in warmer weather and take time to step away from daily jobs and other responsibilities to celebrate with families and friends. We fire up the grill, tell stories, and count our blessings. We should do this, as it is a much-needed, healthy break after a long winter and spring. However, Today marks something far more important.

Allow me to share a statistic with you; 1,354,664*. That is an estimate of the number of Americans who have given their lives in defense of our nation, dating back to the Revolutionary War.  Every single one of them had a family, close friends, and a story. 

I am proud to say that I am presently an officer and reservist in the United States Marine Corps and served in active duty positions overseas. One of the most significant aspects of our military is its ability to bring seemingly diverse people together under a single cause. The guy from Lubbock, Texas who tried to ride the floor buffer in the barracks. The dude from Brooklyn, New York who got lost in land nav and had to be found by instructors.  Even the kid from Columbia, MO, who always had an unusual way of easing the tension or making guys laugh in formation. 

All come from vastly different backgrounds but are united under one purpose, and oddly enough become best friends. And I can say that with the highest level of confidence, as the aforementioned knuckleheads are still some of my closest and dearest friends.

Today at 3 PM local time, as with every Memorial Day,  there will be a nationwide moment of remembrance. We at Touchplan are grateful for the sacrifice of our fallen heroes and continue to support our nation’s military. So today at 3, perhaps take that moment at whatever festivity you are attending and ask your friends to join together to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

 For those who have already given and those who are yet to pay the ultimate price, we honor by living the best lives we can.  Take time to remember, and keep moving forward.