What Drove The Demo Company to Touchplan

With offices based in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio and working on substantial projects such as Hospitals, professional sports arenas, and office towers, The Demo Company makes no mistake about who they are and what they do. They “tear stuff up,” and they are pretty good at it. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t take their job seriously. The team at The Demo Company strives to exceed each client’s expectations of what a demo company should be. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to a project. They think outside of the box on ways to save you time and money and still get the job done right.

That drive to exceed expectations made the company realize that it needed a more efficient process to help schedule its projects. Projects for The Demo Company can run anywhere from one day to two years and sometimes in various phases. 

“We wanted a software that was a quick visual, and we wanted something that could be organized according to project teams (headed up by a foreman that runs each project), and we wanted whatever it was to be super simple,” said Chase Rezentes of The Demo Company.

After speaking with several other vendors and also having in-house discussions, the company realized what it needed was a Pull Plan. They wanted to see what they have going on, who’s doing it, and when they have it happening. Just like a Pull Plan, when you place your cursor, they want to see how many people are working that day since knowledge of the amount of available human capital on any given day is vital to The Demo Company’s operations.

Touchplan Delivers the Human Capital Solution

By the time Rezentes and The Demo Company had assessed all their options, they realized that Touchplan was the answer to their people management challenge.

“When it became apparent that a pull plan was needed, we realized that Touchplan was the answer,” said Rezentes. “I knew Touchplan could do what we needed, but we didn’t know about the swimlanes feature and also the other things it could do, which made it so much better. Once we saw this, I said, wow, this is it.”

The Demo company is now managing its human capital more efficiently through Touchplan. They use the “swim lane” feature to represent each of its demo crews, and the sticky notes represent a particular project. The process has allowed The Demo Company to balance their work amongst their crews better, see which crew may be overworked or underworked when they should bid on work, and also predict when they will need to make pushes for new business.

“When we were looking at software options, a lot of them required us to schedule each individual working within the program, and that did not work for us. Our staff could be on jobs that tend to push out,” said Rezentes. “With Touchplan, I can group our people by crews with a foreman at the lead and point and click. Its visual appeal and ease of use made it an easy decision to go with Touchplan.