What Drove Apollo to Touchplan:

Apollo had an internal desire to improve their construction planning ability. Construction is a high variable and high volume type industry, which makes it difficult to bring learnings from one project to another. There is a lot of human glue which holds the process together and they were looking to improve the ability to disseminate and manage information throughout their processes. “A lot of hours had been wasted in simply manipulating the plan data, and eventually the plan data gets so out of date you simply end up in a reactionary state,” said Eldon Parry, Senior Project Manager at Apollo Mechanical Contractors. They were also looking for a better method of managing the plan data, in order to focus more on execution rather than data manipulation.

The Solution:

In 2016, Apollo brought on Touchplan for the first time and since has adopted it across all projects. Touchplan is a fully collaborative tool that allows project teams to update their plans on a live basis, no matter where they are on the jobsite or off-site. With the desire to better manage the data in their plans, Touchplan was a smart and efficient option for Apollo.


  • Ability to see the duration of a project from the start to end date
  • Now can manage multiple areas of a project from one digital interface and see where people are in the field on a live basis
  • Substantial time saved updating the plan throughout the project
  • Teams can diagnose problems on a live basis and attack them early with efficient solutions