During this Case, You Will Learn How Touchplan

  • Allowed AM Technical Solutions to conduct pull plans, allowing for quality time with all stakeholders to sequence day-to-day activities
  • Provides a visual aspect and various colored tickets by role, making it easy to identify critical handoffs and create ties between dependent activities to define the critical path.
  • Tracked how each project activity shifts over time, keeping everyone accountable for their respective scope of work.

AM Technical Solutions (AM) is a proven architect, engineering, and construction firm for semiconductor customers. The company utilizes the Last Planner System combined with Touchplan to support high-tech construction projects.

Touchplan’s cloud-based platform enables AM to complete projects more effectively according to the requirements and create greater customer value due to enhanced planning and collaboration with all stakeholders.

AM recently used Touchplan for one client and was able to help the semiconductor company stay on track with their tool install schedule and reduce standard durations by 50%.

The Value of Implementing a Last Planner System Approach

Implementing a production planning approach (such as LPS) forms a workflow for these types of projects, enabling better execution. Touchplan allows AM to conduct the Last Planner System to coordinate and dynamically address constraints in the dynamic environment of the semiconductor industry.

Touchplan’s cloud-based platform allows the company to conquer common roadblocks that would otherwise slow down projects.

The software also allows AM to support collaboration and communication so that handoffs and constraints are managed efficiently. This platform helps the company implement the five elements of Last Planner:

  1. Master Planning
  2. Pull planning: identifying handoffs and specifying operational conflicts
  3. Look Ahead Planning: to ensure work is ready and replanning as needed.
  4. Weekly Work Planning: Get commitments from all relevant parties to deliver work
  5. Learning: measuring the PPC and understanding what caused delays to improve

“Touchplan helps us maintain project timelines by bringing all parties together in one environment to stay aligned on the construction plan,” said Sandeep Davé, Chief Business Officer for AM Technical Solutions. “The platform allows us to quickly identify key issues and make real-time adjustments as needed.”

As AM moves forward with semiconductor projects, their team can use Touchplan to track how each project activity shifts over time, keeping everyone accountable for their respective scope of work. If the critical path set in place falls out of sequence from the original pull plan, AM can identify the risks to program milestones and assess top variance issues to improve upon.

Software That Aids Back Office Operations

AM Technical Solutions’ primary use of Touchplan is to support the actual construction work. However, the software also supports back-office processes to accelerate customer deliverables.

“Having one database for all planning needs relieves administrative burdens compared to using physical sticky notes and Excel trackers to implement a Last Planner Solution,” said Davé. “Fewer hours are spent in the office sending emails and updating spreadsheets, making it easier for everyone involved in a project to coordinate between multiple teams, contractors, and suppliers.”

Enhancing Project Delivery for Semiconductor Customers

Using Touchplan is highly beneficial for planning and maintaining the flow of high-tech construction projects. The platform supports AM’s ability to deliver on all three for every client project, every time.

“We are driven by creating value for our customers. That includes utilizing the latest technology to ensure we deliver projects correctly the first time according to their project needs,” says Davé. “We look forward to utilizing this software platform to support additional semiconductor projects for our customers.”

Our relationship with AM Technical Solutions has produced some mutually beneficial results including:

  • The ability to visualize the work to be performed.
  • Easy access to status reports and summaries from Touchplan dashboards.
  • A clear understanding of the project team members of tasks and responsibilities.