Supporting Our Clients as They Help Those In Need

XL Construction, a trusted partner of Touchplan, was introduced to an opportunity to work on a project that would bring much-needed services and support to their surrounding community. 

Working closely with LifeMoves, an organization committed to finding solutions to homelessness, the XL team managed the construction of both single- and multifamily shelters that provide the less fortunate with not only a place to live but also access to much-needed support to return to independent living.

The intricate mobile and prefabricated structures include kitchens, common rooms, full baths, laundry, playgrounds, dog kennels, and more! LifeMoves and XL Construction worked together to complete the intricately designed project in just five short months in order to bring these essential support services to their community. More than just a roof over one’s head, they provide a venue for critical support services such as individual counseling and assistance with job searches and other skill development opportunities that help put residents on a path back to independence. 

The LifeMoves program has already proven to be significantly more successful than the traditional shelter model. “Helping our communities is so important, especially during these trying times, and what XL Construction along with LiveMoves is creating will truly impact a lot of people,” said Milenko Dugorepec. Project Manager for XL Construction.

Forming a Trusted Partnership

In an effort to meet a dire need in the Silicon Valley Community, the timeline to complete the LifeMoves project was extremely fast. In order to meet this aggressive construction schedule, the XL Construction team sought out resources to help them efficiently plan and execute this project. Multiple project teams had successfully used Touchplan in the past and thought it would be an ideal fit for this scope of work. Touchplan is a fully collaborative tool that allows project teams to update their plans on a live basis, no matter where they are on the jobsite or off-site. With the need to better manage the data in their plans, Touchplan was a smart and efficient option for XL Construction to complete the project on schedule.

Meeting the Needs & Timeline of a Unique Construction Project

When complete these shelters will provide essential transitional housing for over 100 displaced Silicon Valley residents. The expedited timetable made constraint management and tracking project manpower a huge necessity. “This build is going to positively impact a lot of people, we have to approach such a fast-paced project with Lean technology,” said Jason Stewart, Foreman for XL Construction. “The housing structures are coming in from four different manufacturers in the area. 

The ability to organize and manage their constraints in Touchplan allows us to effectively map out deliverables, even when working with multiple providers. The ability to easily coordinate work with the different trade partners inside Touchplan is also a huge advantage when approaching a project as unique as this one. Having the entire team aligned on the same digital interface has made oversight and planning much simpler.”

Implementing Touchplan on the LifeMoves construction affords XL Construction the ability to:

  • Efficiently plan despite Covid-19 related jobsite restrictions
  • Better communicate and oversee subcontractor progress
  • Track manpower on the job
  • Break up the master schedule into a more coherent plan
  • Easily adopt Lean and the Last Planner System® on the project