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Project Production Management: Transition from Responsibility to Accountability with Takt Planning (Part 14)

by George Hunt | September 10, 2021

(By George Hunt, Lead – Pre-Sales/Sales Engineering Touchplan and Adam Hoots, Lean Shepherd Construction ACHE Solutions) Throughout this series, we have…

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How Operationalizing Your Schedule Can Radically Improve Margins – A Webinar Recap

by Touchplan | September 7, 2021

Touchplan recently hosted a webinar on Project Production Management (PPM), and while the fundamentals of PPM closely align to the…

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Project Production Management: Turning Around a Project with Takt (Part 11)

by George Hunt | August 20, 2021

(By George Hunt, Lead – Pre-Sales/Sales Engineering Touchplan) We have all been there. Despite the best intentions from the whole…

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Structured Noise is Music. Without Structure, It’s Just Noise. Make Music, Not Noise.

by Andrew Piland | August 6, 2021

“Andrew, that sounds awesome, but what does it look like once we’ve gone all-in with a digital solution?” Glad you…

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Why It’s Time to Forget The Sticky Notes & Maximize Wall Space

by Andrew Piland | July 23, 2021

If you are using sticky notes on a whiteboard, you are probably dedicated to a better way of planning and…

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