Category: Smarter Projects

Why It’s Time to Forget The Sticky Notes & Maximize Wall Space

by Andrew Piland | July 23, 2021

If you are using sticky notes on a whiteboard, you are probably dedicated to a better way of planning and…

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Tracking Progress for Repetitive Scopes Made Easier

by Andrew Piland | March 11, 2021

Scopes usually vary greatly across a project.  Why manage them all the same?  For repetitive activities, it is sometimes best…

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Revisiting The Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: Tightly Couple Learning with Action (Part 3)

by Hal Macomber | March 5, 2021

(Hal Macomber, EVP, Touchplan with Terri Erickson, Principal, Kata Consulting The productivity of the design and construction industry has been slowly…

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Vital actions every construction project needs to take to tackle COVID-19 now

by Jen Nussinow Tasker | April 13, 2020

Every country, industry and person is feeling the impact of COVID-19, and the construction industry is no exception. The ramifications…

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What to look for in ConTech in 2020

by Katherine Van Adzin | January 23, 2020

A new year. A new decade. A new tech stack? According to McKinsey, ConTech companies have attracted over $10 billion…

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Data-driven decisions drive better project management

by Michael Carr | December 11, 2019

Good data, when harnessed, enables better decisions and can dramatically simplify project management. At the same time, collecting and accessing…

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Touchplan at GLCI Karlsruhe

by Katherine Van Adzin | October 9, 2019

If you couldn't make it to GLCI Karlsruhe's recent conference, "IT Goes Gemba — Digital Solutions for the Building Site,"…

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Construction and the Cloud

by Katherine Van Adzin | August 9, 2019

According to Jeff Somers, writing in USA Today's "Construction in America" campaign, "the construction industry is worth $10 trillion globally,…

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7 Tips to Maximize Project Profitability

by Katherine Van Adzin | July 19, 2019

Many business leaders in construction worry about winning jobs, but sometimes a lost bid is a bullet dodged. How do…

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Touchplan Featured in ENR Technology Q&A

by Katherine Van Adzin | July 11, 2019

Touchplan's founder and President, Michael Carr, was featured recently in Engineering News-Record's Technology Today II segment on "Balancing Investment, Integration…

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Touchplan Featured in Construction Tech Review

by Katherine Van Adzin | July 3, 2019

Touchplan was recently recognized by Construction Tech Review as a Top 10 Project Management Solution Provider for 2019. The list…

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Touchplan Used by 30% of the 2019 ENR Top 100

by Katherine Van Adzin | May 29, 2019

Engineering News-Record (ENR) released its annual list last week of the 2019 Top 400 Contractors in the US. The list…

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