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Flow Provides Focus for Project Production Management

by Hal Macomber | May 14, 2021

Welcome to Touchplan’s Project Production Management Blog Series (By Hal Macomber & George Hunt) We just wrapped up our blog…

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Five Simple Steps to Keep Your Mind Sharp

by Touchplan | May 12, 2021

The brain is like a muscle. In order to keep it strong and healthy, you have to stretch and apply…

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Construction Industry Optimistic Despite Supply Chain Disruptions

by Touchplan | May 11, 2021

(By Tom Sanders - Senior Economist) MOCA Systems, the parent company of Touchplan, regularly releases “Today’s Construction Economy”, a quarterly…

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Mental Health and the Risk of Employee Burnout

by Touchplan | May 6, 2021

(Guest blog post by Michel Richer, Content Marketing Manager at Bridgit.)We’ve all been overwhelmed and stressed at work at some…

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Why ‘Safety Third’ Is Exactly What Construction Needs to Make Jobsite Safety First.

by Andrew Piland | May 5, 2021

What are a Superintendent’s primary responsibilities?  Safety, Quality, Schedule.  Prioritized in that order. We talk a lot about how certain…

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Private Eyes: Construction Safety Isn’t Just About a Week

by Jackie Falla | May 3, 2021

(By Jaqueline A. Falla, Director of Client Services. Elaine Construction Company, Inc.) Springtime’s arrival brings with it longer days, trees abloom,…

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Touchplan’s New Master Schedule Alignment Feature – A Product Manager’s Perspective

by Touchplan | May 3, 2021

Touchplan’s new Master Schedule Alignment product enhancement is a groundbreaking capability that empowers construction teams to vastly improve project performance…

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Revisiting the Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: What Comes After the Five Big Ideas? (Part 10)

by Hal Macomber | April 30, 2021

(Hal Macomber, EVP, Touchplan with George Hunt, Head of Presales / Sales Engineering, Touchplan ) Greg Howell and I proposed…

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Helpful Tips to Manage Stress and Improve Quality of Life

by Touchplan | April 28, 2021

As we come to the end of April, we also come to the end of Stress Awareness Month. April has…

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Revisiting the Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: Adopting the Five Big Ideas on Your CM/GC Projects (Part 9)

by Hal Macomber | April 23, 2021

(Hal Macomber, EVP, Touchplan with Layne Hess, Corporate Director of Planning, Scheduling, and Lean, Jacobsen Construction) We never intended the…

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So You Want to be a Superintendent…Thoughts from a Touchplanner Who Worked in the Construction Industry

by Andrew Piland | April 21, 2021

All of us have a general routine for our workday.  For some, you can pin it down to the minute. …

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Revisiting The Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: Pursue Project Outcomes at the Intersections of the Five Big Ideas (Part 8)

by Hal Macomber | April 16, 2021

(Hal Macomber, EVP, Touchplan with Calayde Davey, Ph.D., Research Associate, University of Pretoria, South Africa ) So, maybe the five big…

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