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Tim Negris Joins MOCA Systems, Inc. as CMO

Tim Negris will lead marketing to increase global visibility and demand for MSI’s award-winning services and software solutions.

Advanced technology marketing leader brings deep experience in data, analytics, and AI to drive growth for MSI’s complex construction solutions

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Boston, MA. July 25, 2023—MOCA Systems, Inc. (MSI), a leading provider of solutions for complex construction management, is pleased to announce that Tim Negris, previously marketing head for AI innovator Spell, Inc. until its acquisition by Reddit, has joined MSI’s executive team as Chief Marketing Officer.  In this role, Negris will lead marketing to increase global visibility and demand for MSI’s award-winning services and software solutions.

“Tim’s experience and accomplishments as a global marketing executive at Oracle, IBM, and other major technology companies, as well as a host of innovative software startups, brings valuable perspective and capabilities to MSI’s growing marketing organization,” said Sandy Hamby, President & CEO of MOCA Systems, Inc.  “He has a stunning, decades-long track record as a marketer and thought leader in introducing innovative solutions for real-time data management, advanced analytics, business process automation, and applied artificial intelligence to the world’s largest companies.  He will be a valuable addition to the MSI team contributing to our accelerating growth and leadership in the complex construction industry.”

Negris began his career as the first product manager for what is now Microsoft SQL Server.  Later, with Larry Ellison at Oracle, he conceived and led the introduction of “Thin Client” computing, a key precursor to the cloud.  Most recently, he fostered the now widely adopted concept of Deep Learning Operations (DLOPS) software for advanced AI at Spell before its assimilation by Reddit.

“In an industry where large projects fail to meet schedule, budget, and/or expectations more than 90 percent of the time, MSI’s customers boast a greater than 90 percent success rate.  That is a fact that surprisingly few people know, and my mission is to change that.  A great untold story is any marketer’s dream, and I am really looking forward to telling this one,” Negris said.


 About MOCA Systems Inc.

MOCA Systems, Inc. (MSI) is a leading provider of innovative management solutions that significantly reduce risk in complex construction projects.  Serving the needs of Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors, from vision to occupancy, MSI integrates expert services, advanced software, and valuable data to assure that every project meets or beats its budget, schedule, and requirements.


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