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About this Touchplan Project

Client: Brasfield & Gorrie

Type: Data Center

Size: 2,500,000 SF

Project Summary

Undisclosed Location

Brasfield & Gorrie chose Touchplan as their primary planning software for a greenfield megaproject that will cover up to 2,500,000 square feet and deliver as many as 360 megawatts of power when complete.

“This was a fast-paced project with a very large team, and getting all the information to all the trade partners was critical. Because you can’t do this kind of project with old-fashioned trade stacking, everybody’s got to have their own space and allocations of time. But it’s also all about managing a very complicated workflow.  Touchplan is a great tool for that because everybody sees the flow and has ownership and buy-in for planning and execution. The ownership happened quickly after we got everybody used to the software and understanding what we were trying to do.”