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About this Touchplan Project

Client: New Line Structures

Type: Mixed-Use

Size: 1,200,000 SF

Project Summary

New York, NY

New Line Structures is using Touchplan’s construction planning software for a 1.2 million square foot project will transform a historic warehouse into a modern, biophilic workplace in New York City. A project of this size and scope that combines historic restoration (facade renovation), construction in occupied spaces, demolition, and new construction would need to be managed meticulously. The project it requires detailed and custom planning for each phase. For these reasons, the team at New Line decided to use Touchplan.

“A project this large requires a lot of subcontractors on the site at any one time,” said Frank Parker, Lead Superintendent for New Line Structures. “Collaboration is key, and all workers’ schedules need to be aligned. Touchplan is keeping the subcontractors on target as they create schedules for their work.