Sunseeker Resort, Charlotte Harbor, FL

About this Touchplan Project

General Contractor: Suffolk Construction

Type: Hotel/Resort

Square Feet:

Project Summary

Charlotte Harbor, FL

When Suffolk Construction was engaged to build a high-end, three-building luxury resort hotel in a remote Florida location, they knew it would require extensive planning supported by detailed construction planning software.

The Sunseeker Resort will have 500 hotel rooms, 300 extended-stay suites across two buildings, and a multitude of high-end amenities. The construction site constantly remains active with 800 plus workers on any given day, and the project will be completed within the next 12 months.

“Using Touchplan makes it easy for us to show all the subcontractors what they need to be doing on this substantial jobsite,” said Kyle Lampitt, Senior Project Manager for Suffolk Construction. “It’s a phenomenal tool that allows you to visually show the path forward and the resources required to obtain the path to completion based on the input provided by the contractor.”

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