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Today’s Construction Industry Economy Report – Q1 2022

Compromised supply chains and labor availability challenges have driven costs up, but the new Infrastructure bill and sustained industry confidence will likely keep the recovery on track.

Today’s Construction Industry Economy – Q4 2021

As we enter the home stretch for 2021, unfilled construction jobs are at all-time highs even as wages increase at rates well above the national average. While construction capacity is picking up, it seems we can’t get there fast enough. This quarter’s report highlights these interrelated supply and demand dynamics and lays out forecasts for […]

[EBOOK] Revisiting the 5 Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry

Based on Touchplan’s blog series, this new e-book focused on understanding Lean Construction principles and how the intersection of humans and technology can deliver better results.

Today’s Construction Industry Economy – Q3 2021

As the national economic recovery rolls on, commercial construction appears to be coming back with new starts and backlogs up. Public sector owners are competing with commercial projects for construction capacity and should be prepared to adjust budgets accordingly. Labor and material shortages will be resolved and will lead to gradual selling price increases well […]

Today’s Construction Industry Economy – Q2 2021

Damage to non-residential construction from last year’s pandemic shutdown is beginning to reverberate across the industry. Yet the increase in the cost of materials, labor shortages and other setbacks do not seem to be impacting general contractor confidence in recovery.