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Touchplan x BitRip: 

While Touchplan allows project managers and workers to plan and communicate digitally, BitRip allows on-site members a physical connection to all the information. By simply scanning a code, the barrier between on-site work and project planning is removed, and allows members to stay up-to-date, easily report their problems, and understand the scope of work.

The Value:

Projects will be saved a great deal of time as workers no longer have to spend their time tediously searching for information. Workers can quickly and easily access information on the jobsite and be able to get to work, and finish the job earlier. With Touchplan and BitRip, projects will finish earlier and with fewer delays.

About BitRip: 

BitRip is a novel way to attach any type of cloud-based digital information to any place physical using a scannable tape. Each roll contains hundreds of unique codes that act similarly to dynamic QR codes, but without the need to setup or print. Just rip, stick, scan, and upload photos, video links, voice memos, hyperlinks in seconds. And because it integrates with any smartphone, it also grabs updated GPS coordinates with each scan – effectively tracking its location. The perfect tool for tracking material dropoffs, safety documentation, punch list items, or just tagging audio notes to regular paperwork. Find out more at