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Touchplan x Eyrus:

Eyrus automatically collects headcounts and workhours in the field and sends that data through to Touchplan. In Touchplan, actual headcounts and hours are compared to scheduled headcounts and hours – giving real-time intelligence on workforce gaps, status of contracts, and status of the overall project schedule. Compare counts at the trade, company, and individual worker level.  

The Value:

With real-time planned vs actual workhours and headcounts, you can do some valuable stuff: 

  • Save your Supers, Foremen and Site Staff tons of time collecting and reporting worker headcounts and hours  
  • Make data-backed decisions in real-time 
  • Improve your communication and transparency with subcontractors 
  • Improve your communication and transparency with the owner 

About Eyrus:

Eyrus is a cloud software that uses IoT technology to collect data and automate processes for construction teams in the office and on site.  

Eyrus powers flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of each project, including: 

  • Worker Registration, Onboarding, and Data Capture 
  • Central Workforce Database 
  • Automated time, attendance, and timesheets 
  • On-Demand Reporting for compliance, insurance, prevailing wages, diversity, and safety 
  • Mass Worker Text Messaging 
  • Jobsite Access Control 
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring 
  • Data Integrations to Project Management Platforms