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The partnership of Touchplan and Oculo allows project teams to assess a workflow with look-ahead planning. Oculo allows Touchplan to give a comprehensive, shared, and up-to-date visual documentation of the jobsite. Project managers can then feed this information into dynamic scheduling, align project members, and visualize their next steps.

The Value:

This partnership removes the barrier between project managers and on-field members, and allows them to easily communicate. All parties will be able to access the same information and align their priorities and needs. Responsibilities will be much clearer, and obstacles will be minimized, leading to early completion while staying under budget.


Construction projects are plagued with delays, and regularly finish over time and over budget. Monitoring of progress on site is costly, imperfect and subjective. On a micro scale, this leads to delay fees, compromised quality, and deep frustration amongst all stakeholders. On a macro scale, it means wasting millions of pounds and months of delays on projects, including critical housing and transportation projects around the country.

We solve this by applying elements of SLAM and photogrammetry to create an automated process that documents the site and creates a 3D model that can facilitate collaboration.