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Touchplan x OpenSpace: 

Touchplan and OpenSpace’s partnership aims to build collaborative synergy by talking specifically about a particular scope and showing what it looks like on the job allowing users to have concise, data-driven conversations and walk away with a solid understanding of what they will be doing.

The Value: 

The value of using Touchplan and OpenSpace, especially in real-time, allows for richer discussions. You can talk about an issue and pull it up with OpenSpace to show the exact problem spot, so people can stay focused and see for themselves what is going on. The field doesn’t always grow up with the schedule so using them together and updating it is essential.

About OpenSpace:

At OpenSpace, we’re using cutting-edge technology—think the perception and navigation AI systems used in self-driving cars—to allow people out in the real world to efficiently capture their work, analyze it, and get things done. We’re building virtual time machines for every jobsite.

Reducing the cost, time, and pain it takes to build and operate will revolutionize the industry’s approach to construction specifically and real estate management broadly—and revolutionize how we manage humanity’s built environments overall. Even a savings of one percent would change the game. And we can do a lot better than one percent.