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Touchplan x PLOT: 

Operations and Logistics go hand-in-hand.  Touchplan unlocks collaboration to build the production plan, and PLOT takes care of all of the site logistics details so that you can be confident in the plan.

The Value:

PLOT keeps project teams coordinated by managing jobsite locations (our Logistics Map) and managing inbound deliveries (our Delivery Scheduler). PLOT’s simple platform focuses on the communication aspect of the jobsite to reduce phone calls, text messages, and emails between GCs and Supers, but also Subcontractors and Suppliers.

About PLOT: 

PLOT was founded by Chris Callen with partnership from High Alpha Innovations and Koch Industries. PLOT is Callen’s second construction software company, aiming to be the easiest-to-use platform in the space. Cut the chaos and start using PLOT today to better manage who goes where, when.