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Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies

Touchplan x Procore: 

With Touchplan and Procore, Lean has become more streamlined, efficient, and collaborative while keeping the same ease of use as sticky notes. Teams can now centralize all information in one place, organize it, and provide auto-generated reports.

The Value:

Teams can easily coordinate their efforts for early completion and stay under budget. With auto-generated reports, project managers can easily point out weak points and fix issues. The short learning curve allows for builders to quickly master the software and start on the job.

About Procore: 

We help businesses modernize the construction process by providing teams with access to real time project information from anywhere, at any time, with any internet-connected device. With this mobile accessibility, Procore captures real time data, not post-action reporting that is entered into the software days or weeks later. Additionally, recognizing the vital importance of drawings in the construction process, Procore builds its entire platform around plan sets, allowing teams to accomplish a majority of their tasks within the drawing interface. Lastly, we are constantly expanding our offering by integrating with other applications to create an expansive ecosystem that solves all project management needs.