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Touchplan x Topdeck: 

The partnership of Touchplan and Topdeck allows project teams to mount a camera at a high vantage point and get a live stream, a time-lapse, productivity analytics, and real-time progress tracking of a jobsite. Project teams no longer have to deal with the stress of drones for reliable progress tracking.

The Value:

Project teams can actively look at their progress and do in-depth project analysis. They now have a real-time feedback loop to review their work and act quickly to correct any mistakes. Projects are held back by fewer delays, and will save time and money for project owners.

About Topdeck: 

Topdeck is the leading provider of end-to-end performance enhancing intelligence solutions that enable contractors and developers to capture, manage and analyze their assets, while turning the collected data into valuable business insights. By embracing a solutions-based vision, Topdeck focuses on meaningful data analysis, providing a feedback loop that empowers general contractors to engage and improve on cyclical construction processes. The company’s offerings combine high-performance enhancing workflow, from visual data management to advanced analytics and progress tracking. Its solutions are sold across North America and Europe.