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Our videos provide lots of great content that prepares, informs and educates you on Touchplan best practices; along with updates on our projects around the world.

Client Stories: Training on One Construction Project Brings Knowledge to the Next One

Hear clients describe how site leaders and specialty trades who use Touchplan on one project bring knowledge and insights to help teach new team members on the next project.

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Client Stories: Touchplan Delivers Construction Project Efficiency

Clients discuss how projects are running smoother by using Touchplan.

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Maintain Alignment Between Overall Construction Project Expectations and Day-to-Day On-Site Activity

Touchplan enables teams to maintain alignment and eliminate the negative outcomes that come from the disconnect between the master schedule and detailed look aheads.

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Proactively Analyze Missed Commitments

Insights provides real-time metrics of plan reliability, which allows you to be proactive in addressing missed commitments before they cause delays on projects.

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Get A Real-Time Look Into Why Activities May Finish Outside of the Planned Timeframe

With Insights you can take a real-time look into why activities on the project are finishing outside of their planned timeframe, so teams can prevent the situation from snowballing into a larger problem.

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Personalized Metrics in an Easily Accessible Dashboard

My Insights allows you to see personalized metrics and data in an easily accessible dashboard so that you can fully optimize your own planning and workflow.

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