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A New Look at Mobile Planning

Written by :

Dave Finnegan


Touchplan is excited to announce that it has upgraded its mobile planning capabilities. Touchplan now lets you take your project plan anywhere, any time while working collaboratively with other teams on site. We sat down with Touchplan’s product team to learn more about this upgraded mobile option.

Please give us an overview of Touchplan’s updated mobile feature and the greater value that it will deliver to Touchplan clients?

The mobile site of Touchplan is designed and built to seamlessly complement the Touchplan web version. The smartphone-optimized user interface lets you bring your project plans everywhere in your pocket for reference and status updates while on the jobsite. You can take photos in the field and attach them to your tickets to keep everyone on the same page with status and field conditions.

What are some of the new enhancements to Touchplan mobile planning that users would find interesting?

We have certainly packed a lot into this upgrade but some of the things that users will find particularly interesting include:

  • Familiarity – navigate your projects and plans just like Touchplan on the laptop
  • Visibility – everyone can see a plan’s tickets to know handoff status (just like Touchplan web). Also, like laptop-based Touchplan, you can only update tickets for which you are responsible.
  • Customizability – filter ticket lists to show only what you want, and Touchplan remembers your settings.
  • Immediacy – update status in the field and attach photos to instantly inform all Touchplan users (mobile & web) about changes.

In your opinion, why was it important for Touchplan to add this feature?

Being able to see the plan and make updates in the field helps communication across the project team and keeps information from getting forgotten between the construction site and the trailer. We have gotten feedback from some of our key customers that mobile access to their Touchplan production plan on their jobsites is very valuable.

What are you most excited about this new feature as a product developer?

We made Touchplan mobile planning to be expandable and scalable to add more features while still being easy to use. We are using the same building blocks as the web version of Touchplan, so we’ll be able to keep the customer experience in sync and build new features more efficiently.

Will there be additional updates to the mobile feature in the future?

Absolutely! We’re excited by the foundation this gives us to expand on the current features (like image attach) and add more capabilities so Touchplan users can do more with tickets and other field workflows as we go forward together. We have a bunch of ideas we’re working on and welcome your input too – let us know what you think!