Streamlining Data Center Construction with Touchplan

Learn about the intricacies of data center construction and how Touchplan, the number one construction planning platform, can be your guide throughout this journey.

Written by Touchplan | November 2, 2023

Data center construction is a complex process that demands precision, efficiency, and effective collaboration among various stakeholders. In this guide, we will explore the intricacies of data center construction and how Touchplan, the number one construction planning platform, can be your guide throughout this journey.

Understanding Data Center Construction

Data centers serve as the backbone of today’s digital landscape, housing the servers and infrastructure critical to the operation of businesses and organizations. The surging demand for data storage and processing has led to a significant spike in new data center construction where the average build time is 12 months or less and the U.S. total planned square footage is growing at 350,000 square feet per month. Building a data center involves meticulous planning, cutting-edge technology, and adherence to stringent standards to ensure reliability, security, and efficiency.

The Importance of Efficient Data Center Construction

Efficiency is paramount in data center construction. Delays or inefficiencies can lead to substantial financial losses and missed opportunities. With data centers being vital to the operations of so many modern businesses, ensuring they are constructed swiftly and accurately is crucial.

How Touchplan Can Support Your Data Center Journey

More than a third of the 50 largest data center owners and more than half of the 25 largest data center contractors have used the Touchplan to transform analog chaos into digital calm. Here’s some ways that Touchplan enhances your data center construction process:

  • Collaboration and Communication: Touchplan facilitates seamless collaboration among all project stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Scheduling and Planning: Create and manage construction schedules efficiently, ensuring tasks are completed on time.
  • Visual Planning: Gain a clear visual overview of the entire project, allowing you to track progress and spot potential issues in advance.
  • Task Tracking: Keep a close eye on individual tasks to ensure they stay on schedule.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify and address potential risk early, preventing costly delays or setbacks.
  • Resource Management: Optimize the allocation of resources to avoid bottlenecks and overruns.
  • Quality Assurance: Monitor and verify completed tasks to ensure high quality work.


Touchplan is a valuable asset to manage the fast-paced, costly, complex, and brutally competitive elements of data center construction. The platform’s real-time analytics and patented pull planning, supports (Owners, Contractors and MEP contractors every step of the way to ensure a project is on time and budget while ensuring safety.

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