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See Touchplan’s Construction Collaboration Software in Action: A Webinar Recap

Written by :

Dave Finnegan


If you missed out on our webinar that took an in-depth look at how Touchplan enhances construction project certainty, catch up on all the details on our blog.

Touchplan recently hosted a webinar that took an in-depth look at its construction planning software.

Head of Pre-Sales George Hunt gave attendees insights into how Touchplan enhances construction project certainty by delivering approachable, progressive jobsite data and analytical solutions that transform construction into a more collaborative, transparent, and predictable process.

Guests also got a peek at some of Touchplan’s newest features, including Custom Fields, Image Attach, and our enhanced Mobile option, and how to best align Touchplan with the master schedule to keep all parties on a construction project aligned.

Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • At Touchplan, we believe that structuring data at the jobsite level and having collaborative planning tools drives our success and delivering projects on time and on budget enhances project certainty.
  • With unlimited users, a cloud-based solution on desktop, tablet, or mobile device, Touchplan is unique because it allows you to plan at different levels in a certain time frame that your team is looking into, in real-time.
  • You can view a high-level look at your phase plan and then transition it down into a more detailed look to plan in different levels of detail as you get close to performing the work, and while that is happening, and as constraints, or “roadblocks,” are being logged, Touchplan is tracking everything on the backend to alleviate additional administrative tasks and providing insightful data and reporting.

Watch the webinar here.

Get a look at Touchplan’s enhanced mobile planning option.