Issues Jacobsen Faced:

Starting in 2016, Jacobsen began the traditional process of pull planning with a white board and sticky notes. This process was difficult for their project teams to commit to because of its general limitations.

“In order to view the plan, we physically had to be in the trailer, not where you actually need to be on the jobsite or off-site. We needed an easier way to get all of our entities involved with the schedule in order to better who we were in our process,” said Layne Hess, Jacobsen’s Corporate Director of Scheduling and Planning.

The lack of collaboration across project teams made it difficult to not only communicate the master schedule, but create efficient solutions to real problems.

The Solution:

Starting in August of 2018, the Jacobsen team was introduced to Touchplan, a fully collaborative tool that allows project teams to update their plans on a live basis, no matter where they are on the jobsite or off-site.

They were also equipped with Touchplan’s Management Analytics, which allowed Jacobsen to view every project’s overall health. Further equipping their teams with data on what is and isn’t working currently on the jobsite.


  • Jacobsen has finished 100% of their projects on time in the last year
  • Significant time saved in trailers and provided more time out in the field
  • Analytical reports available for all involved on the project
  • Money saved on the eliminated need for pull planning materials and literal time spent in the process