Introducing Management Analytics — The New Standard for Analyzing Construction Planning Data

New data enhancements provide transparency of information needed at every level of a construction organization.

Written by Touchplan | February 14, 2024


The Need for Data-Driven Construction Planning Software

Touchplan recently announced the availability of Management Analytics — a new and significant enhancement to the analytics capability of its collaborative construction planning platform. Management Analytics provides a top-to-bottom alignment of customers’ analytics dashboards, putting all vital analytical elements into three easy-to-use dashboards.

Whether you’re rolling out a collaborative planning/Lean construction process for a project, a business unit, or across your entire organization, analytics are paramount in monitoring the effectiveness and continuous improvement of your planning processes.

Management Analytics sets a new standard for construction planning by providing aggregated trend, KPI, and roadblock analytics at both the project level and for your entire company and its business units. The enhancement results from a decade of capturing more than 22 terabytes of data for over 6,000 construction projects, 33,000 construction plans, 7 million tickets, and 85,000 Touchplan users.

Construction Planning Data Through Three Lenses

Management Analytics provides actionable construction planning views of past trends, the present state of your projects, and future resource needs that can impact your plans. It delivers insights appropriate for executives, managers, and field-level leadership, enabling data-driven, collaborative decisioning via three critical lenses: Project Analytics, Portfolio Analytics, and Company Analytics:

  • Project Analytics provides superintendents and project managers with site-level intelligence they need to rapidly anticipate, identify, and get ahead of leading indicators, trends, and blockers — and formulate the best strategies to address them. Additionally, Project Analytics reinforces a standardized way of planning that makes processes repeatable and performance measurable.
  • Portfolio Analytics gives regional and division managers the cumulative construction project data they need to analyze groups of projects in detail and take corrective action for projects not meeting their KPIs. Portfolio Analytics also enables easy comparisons between projects using data such as PPC, variance reasons, and constraint usage for more informed decision-making. 
  • Company Analytics gives corporate managers and executives the insights they need to understand the status of the enterprise project landscape. That data will help them form and implement strategies and best practices to ensure optimum performance for existing projects and enable the rapid and standard setup of new projects. 

The Value of Accessible Construction Planning Data

Projects are the data engine that drives company-wide success. They require consistency across data sets, analysis, and comparisons. Without a standardized process to track large amounts of information, individual successes can become isolated victories, as opposed to repeatable best practices across the organization. The opportunity to continuously improve processes is lost. 

Management Analytics provides the ability to:

  • View condensed construction project data at the company and business unit level 
  • Define your performance standard
  • Identify and improve your best practices
  • Identify who needs additional support to meet the organizational standard

All stakeholders in an organization can navigate the detailed dashboards to analyze teams’ week-to-week execution, Constraint Performance, and Milestone Performance or simply look at a blended Performance Index score that identifies trends over time.

If you’re ready for top-to-bottom alignment of company-wide project data, contact us for a first look at Management Analytics.

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