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Project 7 and Touchplan Form Collaboration to address Imbalance in Construction Productivity

New alliance to address the Construction Productivity Gap and transform global Infrastructure delivery

New alliance to address the Construction Productivity Gap and transform global Infrastructure delivery

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Boston, MA 1/13/22) Project7, a leading Lean transformation & leadership consultancy, and Touchplan, an award-winning collaborative construction planning software, today announced a partnership to work together to collaboratively challenge the performance culture within the construction industry and address the imbalance in construction productivity.

Construction teams rarely reach the pinnacles of high performance, and comparing construction jobsites to well-drilled, progressive, and flowing manufacturing production lines, we all recognize the work the industry has in front of it. Addressing the imbalance of productivity requires unique innovation and experienced voices. With Touchplan and Project7 combined, the two can provide a holistic software and professional service solution to Infrastructure clients globally.

“Our whole purpose at Project7 is to get ordinary people operating to robust processes and delivering extraordinary performance, and by partnering with Touchplan, we are uniquely positioned to embed this mindset within the Infrastructure market,” said Dan Shakespeare, Infrastructure Market Lead at Project7. “We are in a privileged position to be the custodians of Lean in the 21st Century and must work tirelessly to ensure that Lean principles play their part in the transformation of the construction industry, and by working closely with Touchplan, we can carry out that duty and responsibility”.

According to the book Flatlined by Mark C. Deluzio, 98% of ‘Lean Transformations’ either fail or do not achieve the desired results. The partnership between Touchplan and Project7 will help organizations bridge the productivity gap and embrace digital technology to enhance performance. The Touchplan/Project 7 collaboration can protect their investment through robust implementation and application of the underpinning principles of Lean, coupled with our vast experience in implementing methodologies like The Last Planner System®, Takt Planning [Line Balance], and Performance Management Systems.

We are excited to connect our clients with Touchplan’s performance insights and inspire Leaders and Site Teams to use this data to collaborate, challenge one another and create improvements to drive greater productivity and marginal performance gains.

“Working with consulting firms like Project 7 is an exciting proposition,” said Jimmy Suppelsa, Chief Revenue Officer for Touchplan.  “We have a tool based on a process that is proven to improve project performance, and they have the roadmap to help teams implement technology and processes.  It’s a win-win-win for us, Project7, and our mutual clients.”

About Touchplan

Touchplan is a leading daily construction planning software that makes project outcomes more predictable and profitable. It strives to deliver approachable, progressive jobsite data and analytics solutions that transform construction into a more collaborative, transparent, and predictable process for everyone involved. Touchplan is committed to its belief that learning from data is the key to rapid recovery from project variances and improving both project certainty and profitability. Touchplan is the software division of privately held MOCA Systems, Inc. Learn more about Touchplan at

 About Project7

Project7 are specialist global performance improvement consultants geared to provide value across our client’s complete asset value streams, including Infrastructure Design & Build, Operations & Manufacturing and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul. Our industry-leading and universally recognised model, underpinned by Lean and Agile methodologies, creates sustainable success, empowers high-performing teams, and captures measurable Return on Investment for shareholders, customers and employees. Our team is comprised of strategy design & deployment specialists, Lean process creators, high-performance coaches, rapid change agents, and expert interim leaders. We partner with organizations to identify their primary problems, overcome them and deliver quantifiable and sustainable business results.


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