Construction planning software that improves project profitability

Touchplan is a daily construction planning software that makes project outcomes more predictable and profitable.

With real-time jobsite data and insights, Touchplan is easy to use and supplies the most collaborative tool for planning, replanning, and maximizing daily recovery.

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Trusted by leading builders, developers and owners globally

The industry’s most experienced project planning and analytics platform

  • $82+ bil Construction Cost Optimized
  • 4,250+ Overall Projects
  • 51,000+ Construction Users

Return on investment

According to a leading research firm focused on Return on Investment (ROI) studies, Touchplan pays for itself in 3 months.

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Plan, analyze, re-plan and deliver on schedule and on budget

When your plans and schedules are informed by data and analytics, resources are used efficiently and risks are managed, not feared.

  •  Intuitive and easy to use
    Intuitive and easy to use

    Our platform is built for easy tracking and analysis of jobsite factors such as labor productivity, supply chain and materials, health and safety and quality.

  •  Long-range planning
    Long-range planning

    Our virtual planning wall allows you to efficiently map out, see and capture a full, picture of how you and the team will meet the projects expectations.

  • Active planning
    Active planning

    As projects progress and plans change, look-ahead planning keeps all team members aligned, accountable and able to deliver on time as expected.

  •  Insights into your projects
    Insights into your projects

    Owners and construction executives now have the ability to analyze accurate, real time project metrics all the way down to the field level.

Owners and Developers

Never wait for insights again. Stay connected with accurate and comprehensive project data throughout the process. Get the insights to avoid unexpected costs, risks, delays and conflicts before they happen.

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Owners and Developers

General Contractors and Construction Managers

Manage the chaos with better scheduling, planning, and re-planning in one single platform. Built entirely with you and your team in the field in mind.

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General Contractors and Construction Managers

Specialty and Trade Contractors

Our approachable construction planning system saves time and money by keeping both projects and people organized.

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Specialty and Trade Contractors

We celebrate milestones and successes when they happen

Every project has a story behind it. We are dedicated to making the process better and being a stakeholder in our clients’ success. Our goal is to make your process smoother, and learn how we can improve.
Joe Breen, Project Executive, Lee Kennedy

“The relationship with Touchplan is outstanding. Our teams have worked well with Touchplan’s customer success team and they have done a great job on how to best use the product while being extremely receptive to our feedback on how to make the product better”.

Joe Breen, Project Executive, Lee Kennedy

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