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Touchplan Announces New Collaboration with Genda

Touchplan has formed a marketing collaboration with Genda, an on-site construction data tool that allows construction teams to better manage specific tasks happening on site.

The technology relationship offers customers detailed planning along with detailed information on progress.

BOSTON, MA, (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 4/19/22) –Touchplan, an award-winning collaborative construction planning solution, announced a new collaboration with Genda. This on-site construction data tool allows management teams to better manage specific tasks happening on site.

The relationship allows Touchplan and Genda to better serve their customers via collaboration around jobsite planning and the status of specific daily tasks.

“We are excited to partner with Touchplan to help General Contractors make sure that what they are planning is really happening in the field.” Erez Dror, CEO and Co-Founder of Genda stated, “This partnership is an important milestone in our mission to provide an all-around solution for our clients, making sure everything is integrated, and they don’t need to re-enter information.”

“Our partnership with Genda will allow contractors to plan work, do work, check the work, and take necessary next steps to make corrections,” said Touchplan Chief Revenue Officer Jimmy Suppelsa. “The combination of Touchplan and Genda allows project managers to actualize how they check their work and get the correct data to ensure project certainty.


About Genda

Genda takes the guessing games out of construction jobsite operations through real-time data capture, insights delivery, and process automation. Using Genda, contractors can reduce construction process waste, identify and alleviate operational issues, and mitigate risk.

About Touchplan

Touchplan is a leading daily construction planning software that makes project outcomes more predictable and profitable. It strives to deliver approachable, progressive jobsite data and analytics solutions that transform construction into a more collaborative, transparent, and predictable process for everyone involved. Touchplan is committed to its belief that learning from data is the key to rapid recovery from project variances and improving both project certainty and profitability. Touchplan is the software division of privately held MOCA Systems, Inc. Learn more about Touchplan at

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