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Touchplan’s Management Analytics Delivers Collaborative Digital Decisioning for Better Construction Planning

MOCA Systems, Inc. announces a significant expansion of its analytics capabilities in its Touchplan software platform.

Stakeholders from the Corner Office to the Construction Trailer Gain Actionable Insights to Overcome Schedule, Quality, Labor, and Supply Chain Challenges

BOSTON—FEB. 15, 2024—MOCA Systems, Inc. today released Management Analytics, a significant expansion of the analytics capabilities in its popular Touchplan real-time construction planning software platform.

Touchplan’s Management Analytics collects a vast volume of detailed planning data from all active projects, creating a single, integrated, real-time knowledge base to provide the analytical information and visualizations needed by all project stakeholders.

“There’s an insatiable demand for new data centers and other sophisticated facilities that require strategic, complex orchestration between multiple parties and across a company’s project portfolio,” said Sandy Hamby, chief executive officer, MOCA Systems. “Touchplan’s new Management Analytics enables the best strategic and operational decisions by providing superintendents, managers and executives with integrated analytics revealing project problems, progress, and performance.”

Project Visibility and Accountability from the Site to the C-Suite

Touchplan is the world’s most popular construction planning and analytics platform. The cloud-based software allows all stakeholders to anticipate, view, collaborate, and quickly act upon critical construction schedule, labor, and cost issues for one, some, or all projects.

Management Analytics further strengthens Touchplan’s offerings, delivering insights appropriate for executives, managers, and superintendents. It enables data-driven collaborative decisioning through three critical views: Project Analytics, Portfolio Analytics, and Company Analytics.

  • Project Analytics provides superintendents and project managers with what they need to rapidly anticipate, identify, and get ahead of leading indicators, trends, and blockers — and formulate the best strategies to address them. Additionally, Project Analytics reinforces a standardized way of planning, and encourages behaviors that will reduce project delays and save money.
  • Portfolio Analytics gives regional and division managers what they need to analyze groups of projects in detail, compare performance between projects, and take corrective action for projects not meeting their KPIs. Portfolio Analytics also enables easy comparisons between similar projects and allows for more informed portfolio decision-making.
  • Company Analytics gives corporate managers and executives what they need to understand the status of the enterprise project landscape between business units, and implement the strategies and best practices to ensure optimum performance for existing projects. Company Analytics also enables the ability to stand up new projects more rapidly and uniformly.

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